man these kits are $%^*! .. now the gas cap

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by kraash, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. kraash

    kraash Member

    so i take my gase cap off and i see one side of the to prongs is in.. i try to adjust it and it falls all the way in.. now the cap is $*** and theres no way to fix it! :veryangry:

  2. s_beaudry

    s_beaudry Member

    Drqin the tank, pull it off and get that part out of there...

    I am sure I have seen gas caps for sale for the stock tanks for the HT's

    If you can't find one, I have an extra one I will send you for free!
  3. kraash

    kraash Member

    No it fell into the inside of the cap... Under the spring :(
  4. bootlegger

    bootlegger Member

    Mine did that. I cut it open with a Hack saw. Got it out and rewelded it back together.
  5. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    maybe a full work shop should be recommended when buying one of these THINGS ??

  6. kraash

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    lol ya no kidding.. i dont weld so im kinda screwed
  7. bootlegger

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    A full workshop is a must. Ive had mine apart so many times its not funny.
    One of these kits would be great for the budding mechanic. You will be a really good one buy the time you have it running right.:grin5:
  8. kraash

    kraash Member

    what do you think the chances are i could find a cap at some local place that would fit?
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    seems that's

    seems that's been asked before

    at the local lawn mower repair shop maybe ??

    there are a lot of those Chinese scooter shops popping up
    some of their bikes
    may be the same size

  10. kraash

    kraash Member

    how can one edit a post?
  11. skjjoe

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    a suzuki jr 50 cap fits
  12. my cap broke too and no i cant find one anywhere local.
    but i did find a rubber/plastic cap that goes on the tank like a cork,it fits all you have to do is poke a hole in the center of it for venting.
    Napa 703-2300 its a oil filler cap for $3,it is black