MANHATTAN Tandem reliably built

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    Hello All,
    New to this forum.
    I like how it is laid out and the specific areas of interest are sorted great.
    My wife and I have always loved tandems and I decided to add "power" last fall. Manhattan's named after my wife and my 2 step-sons favorite cocktail, and painted in vintage retro red metalflake w/ a custom chain guard I made.

    It's a steel frame using original heavy duty rims/thicker spokes and I retained the coaster brake adding front and rear calipers to assist. Bike weighs 87lbs and with 2 riders it's at 400lbs rolling weight. Found I needed better breaking so the stopping power is great now. Frame is '93 Trailmate w/26' rims. Cut and tweeked frame to accomodate the build. Reinforced where necessary.

    Top end is 31mph (1rider)via gps
    66cc HT motor - stock
    NGK B6HS
    Stock kit w/additional chain
    Running 24:1mix using BelRay H1R Synthetic
    Minor 4 stroking 2 places in mid power band.

    Glad to be here,
    Portage, Michigan

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  2. SimpleSimon

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    Very well done!.

    Beautiful piece of craftsmanship.
  3. Wheres my dog

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    VERY nice build!

    That is one clean and well taken care of build you have there!

    Correct me if I am wrong here anyone, but this is the FIRST EVER tandem build with an HT!

    Once again, much respect...
  4. augidog

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    reading your first post makes me think you're not exactly "new" to the messageboard ;)

    long speech short, MANHATTAN: your MB & its' personal details is what i'd consider "HT" done right!

    beautifully simple, and simply beautiful...

    welcome to the MBc :cool2:
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    MANHATTAN New Member

    Reliable upgrades for faultless season

    :rockon: Springs here. Time for upgrades:

    Idler wheel w/ball bearing
    Spare CDI (just in case)
    Carb union washer
    Exhaust Gasket
    Replacement intake manifold
    Intake gasket
    Replacement hardware kit (studs, bolts, nuts etc.)

    Recommended for the long haul, or do it 1st during your build.

    Remember the locktite also,
    Happy Riding,
    Alajoyn, (Robert Gifford)
    Manhattan Tandem 66cc, NGK, xtra-xtra chain. Stock
    Portage, MI