manhatton cruiser

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  1. well i was going with my della cruz but i dont think i could of fit my motor on it so i got this instead .made a mount and extended the exhaust .

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  2. motoschwinn

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    Holy C rap! What stunner! I was looking at my Point Beach wondering if I was ever going to get the bike done. I'm on my way to the tool box thanks to you. I LOVE your bike! Tell me about the fenders please....
  3. Marktur

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    Dude, nice bike!

    I'll give it a 10 for Wow! Factor.

    Really nice.

    (Am I slobbering?)
  4. azbill

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    nice job on the mount !!!
  5. DetonatorTuning

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    can you give me a tip on finding those fenders ?


    never mind i found their website, thanks
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  6. they came with the bike
  7. Irish John

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    She's stunning Oldman and so well finished. What make of bike is it? Is it a Nirve?
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  9. betio

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    Great bike. I am glad that I checked your post out. I was at a bike shop yesterday and picked up this frame. I will rob the parts from a Nirve Paul Frank Cruiser and put it together.

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  10. smyrna5

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    That thing is sweeet. It is really great that people are making good looking bikes with real tires again. It looks like a great company. I found this one last night, and love their bikes too