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  1. blue 48

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    hello old topic i know:rolleyes7:

    but i just finished extending the manifold using an old 4hp briggs and stratton lawnmower inlet tube which gave a good fit into the nt carb and a piece of rubber hose (for now:ack2: ). got it all on and fired it right up and so i went for a ride. and it went fantastic :D it just feels alot better same top speed as before but it just gets there easier now. the only thing i had to do to get it going was to adjust the idle once it warmed up oh and put a longer fuel hose on.

    over all length was inceased by 4 inches, i notice a change in the little 2smokers get up and go. any one else done this and if so howd it go

  2. motorpsycho

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    so how long is your intake tube now (total length). I know you said that you extended it by 4 inches, but did you add 4 inches to the stock intake tube, or to the briggs intake tube?
  3. blue 48

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    4 inches roughly to the stock intake on the motor using the briggs tube, it goes really well. to me it feels that the motor isnt working as hard to maintain its top speed. it also feels smoother
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    I second that because I've done that on a HT 66cc. The torque for a small engine is about double the torque.
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    watch out for air leaks :poop: