Man's best here.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Guest, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Post away!

    Doh Doh-70 pounds of loveable in the extreme, and the perfect alarm clock...licks my face until I get up at 5:59 on the dot every morning-[​IMG]

    Croniebones...the tired old dog we rescued from the pound (photoshoppe "painting")-[​IMG]

    Bubbs, the tyrant! This is a "photoshopped painting" too, the girls made him wear the bandana![​IMG]

  2. spunout

    spunout Member

    Puppies!!!! :mrgreen: i saw Call Me A Sap...awwwww :lol: . right on, joe.
  3. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Nothing better than man's best friend but does he know when your days off are??? :grin:
  4. Guest

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    Actually all days are my days off...sorta. I work from home. He's really a good gentle alarm clock.

    Lately I've outsmarted him by waking up at 5:30 and waking him up by licking his face. :lol:
  5. srdavo

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  6. Stan4d

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    This is just to good to be left in the dusty files of old threads....I love the pics....I also wonder, did the dog get wise and start waking at 5:20.
  7. Dobroknow

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    My Best Friend & My Bike...

    here is my dog , zoe , next to my custom motor-bike !

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  8. Saddletramp

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    My Little Girl

    This is my little dog "Brownie". She inspects all of my MB work. She has been an apt, dog, shop dog, junkyard dog, homeless dog, and now a shop dog again, I love her like a child:tt1:

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  9. mikem

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    Before & After

    This is my dog Tom ... before and after he found out we were out of Milkbones. :laugh2:

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  10. Happy Valley

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  11. mikem

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    Some People's Dogs

    No way I could resist posting this pic!

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