Clutch manual clutch, engine, mounts, and now I'm stuck

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    I'm new here. This is my first post other than my introduction post. I've searched the forum, vendors, and the FAQ but didn't find an answer to my question (Of course I didn't find it, I'm a male. Any women here? They always seem to find things when men can't). I have several engines I can mount to my bike ( 25cc Poulan from a Weedeater Featherlite LE, 36cc Zenoah from a RedMax chainsaw, a 28cc Kohler(?) from a YardMachine 2800M, an Eager Beaver (36cc?) and several other engines I can choose from.

    All the engines are in decent to excellent condition. I would like to mount
    a clutch (manual with handlebar mounted lever), and jackshaft for gear reduction, and drive the small chainring (40T) on my bike.

    I can't seem to find a clutch kit, yet alone a clutch kit to fit any of these engines. Also, how do you start these engines once they have been stripped of all the plastic housings? Will a Bendix gear recoil starter fit on the non-drive side of the engine? Will a recoil starter fit behind the clutch? Does
    anyone here offer an instructional DVD for sale?

    I'm not new at this sort of thing, nor am I mechanically challenged but I am just a little perplexed.

    BTW back in the old days I decided I needed a better racing bike for my commute to work well, at least that's how I justified it. It was a little like saying; it's taking me too long to get to work, I need a faster car. Maybe I'll buy a used Formula One Ferrari from last years racing season". Yeah, this bike didn't make much sense as a commuter, and I no longer race (fast bike, old tired engine) but I just had to have a bike of my own design and fabrication. I wasn't about to spend (back then) $500 for a nice used Colnago, besides, to build my bike only co$t me...oh, let'$ never mind that....

    Here's a link to a photo or of my bike. Yep, I really did build it, frame, seat post, jig, and geometry:

    The bike also goes to show that I do have some skill, but for some reason converting a power plant to a bike has me stopped in my tracks. Anyone, anyone? Looks like I need more than a few suggestion.

    I have several road, and mountain bikes to use as a test bed. I have no plans to power my aluminum racing bike, though it would be fast.

    I can also switch to a Honda 4 stroke if that would work better, but right now I would prefer to keep the R&D phase cheap.

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    You are out in no-man's land, as far as I can tell. There was one post here involving a featherlite. It was direct drive friction, I think. I also think you need a clutch.
    Spend some time here gathering info.
  3. why not skip all that work and get a 2-stroke kit that comes with a clutch and all the parts for $109.
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    you may be able to bolt one of those engines up to a gebe kit or a staton kit... can you post a picture of the bolt pattern for the clutch???
  5. You might consider using a centrifugal clutch. I believe there are centrifugal clutches made for or that will fit all of the engines you mentioned. All the engines noted should have come with a recoil starter, so if you need one a dealer will be able to hook you up. A dealer/repair shop probably has lots of junked engines you could scrounge parts from very cheaply.