Manual Clutch for Honda GX


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Jun 27, 2016
I did a search about this product I found, and was very surprised no one has mentioned it.

I was thinking I could make it work for a Honda GHX50 engine if I put a 5/8 to 3/4 shaft adapter sleeve. Then install it with a custom jackshaft like the SBP shift kit, but I still have to do the math for what additional gearing I might need.

I love the sound of a 4 stroke with a manual clutch for the practicality. Less weight, no broken pull start string, just pedal and drop the clutch like the 2 smoke I use now. Also a narrower profile due to the removal of the bulky pull start mechanism.

Has anyone tried this? Am I missing something in the drivetrain that is obvious to someone more experienced than I?

Gino Pi

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Oct 24, 2016
looks so funny to see the
video they have posted. we are such DORKS! lol. ((( oops, i tried to post one where the guy was launching his drag minibike))) but yeah, looks maybe good. dax just came out with a new belt drive... and a 3.25 hp 4 stroke motor too. but this looks industrial, for sure. only thing i dont like... is how WIDE the thing is!! im not sure i would like the width of a 4 stroke. i like to be able to pedal the thing, on trails sometimes... but yeah, im looking to make a bike... not sure if jackshaft, this thing, 4 stroke kit... just not sure.