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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by blacklabel7345, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. iv been looking around the forum and a thread about speedos jumped up in my face. Many people were talking about their electronic units malfunctioning because of the ignition on the engine. Now i was wondering where and how much can i pick up a manual speedo. Iv been looking around, but have not been able to find any. any help would be awsome

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  3. Mechanical speedo

    Whizzer has a beauty, it's a chrome steel can, Stewart Warner, nicely made, more money than the plastic one, but you will not have the clear plastic lense part company, and roll down the street like the one I had did.

    Mike (ohh doggonnit, a Whizzer dealer)
  4. I picked one up on amazon. Just type bike speedometer in the search on there and you should find one ez.
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    A wee blob of clear RTV silicon stops that, - the coming off and rolling down the road bit I mean. :smile:
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    Manual Speedo ??

    Im guessing it's a Speedometer but how do they work,or what makes them work. Sorry I never heard of a Manual Speedo. My speedometer has the whatchacallit on the fork with the magnet thingy on the spoke. And all I can do is about thirty so far. If it is working correctly. I have a kings 80 cc not quite broke in yet,does that sound about right.

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    For what it's worth and it didn't cost a cent, I scavenged the speedo. cable and hub attachment from an excercise bike and although the needle jumps around like it's on ,, you know...that white seems to be accurate enough.
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    What I think the OP means is a mechanical speedometer.
    Lots of bike places online sell them, people here have tried them, the speedos are all built very cheap and don't hold up well at 25 mph for very long. Use the board search for more details.


    In the course of looking for other things, I have run across a lot of other speedos--but they all require separate electrical power to operate, and even at that--many of them don't even claim to read properly under 20 or 25 mph at all. The Whizzer seems to be about the best mechanical example out there right now.

    --Usually, when the needle starts jumping around is the first sign that a mechanical-feed speedo is failing, as the cord is snagging inside the jacket.
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    The inner cable is solid and greased, but it could be wear on the squared ends or it's in the dial works.