Manual vs. Automatic Clutch

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Apr 9, 2008
I have read some of the info about manual and automatic clutches ... wondering if I could also hear about the pros and cons of each from those in the know?


I have two bikes. MOOP is a Happy Time with Manual Clutch. CRONUS is a Titan with a dry auto clutch.
BOTH rule.
Now CRONUS I could shoot video's with my camera phone for I only need one hand to ride it. It's a lot easier to ride CRONUS. In fact,any member of my family can ride CRONUS easily.
MOOP on the other hand feels closer to a small motorcycle because of the manual clutch. It's more manly. It also has an advantage on going down hills. Pulling in your clutch disengages your engine. You can scream down a huge hill without shutting your engine down. It would just be idling for it's disengaged with the clutch in.
But with CRONUS it's pretty easy too. I shut my engine down when I'm about to go down a huge hill. The clutch packs aren't spinning and the drum that the clutch pack engages to can spin for infinity and won't grab as long as the engine is not running.
So in a sense it's actually safer for there's no clutch cable tension like with a manual clutch.
And another thing with CRONUS is with the engine off it's my bike again. To do this with MOOP I have to lock in my clutch.
I can still ride CRONUS backward like I did before my Titan install. Just make sure the engine is off and there's very little drag. Frankly I don't even notice it except for a slight whirl from the sound of the drive chain.
With MOOP there's a more noticeable drag.
I adore CRONUS but I still love MOOP for MOOP is more manly.
I have had both on my Whizzer. I am running the autoclutch now and I love it. It makes slow speed operation much better. It does take time to break in the autoclutch. It does not grab hard like the centrifugal clutch on a go cart. It slides into lock very smoothly at about 2600rpm. The belts last longer with the autoclutch too. The manual clutch works well but it makes it hard to drive if you get into a situation where you can only go 5-10mph.
Hope this helps.

Hi Guys, I converted my 1999 to auto and left the clutch cable hooked up. If you pull in the clutch and rev the motor, and release the clutch it really takes off quickly.
I was just riding my Ambassador and was thinking how nice the automatic clutch works. It slips just enough to get a good start and then locks [like RdKryton said "it slides into lock"].
I had the 3rd MEl. version on my 1999 last year and the needle bearings froze [locked], and was the second one to do so. No thanks to 3rd Mel. I did manage to find the bearings from a company in NY. If any one has one of their clutches, don't plan on them ever supplying replacement parts [thanks for nothing Brett], but contact me and I will help you.
Have fun,
Auto Vs Manual

I just replaced one on Screech. It works OK. Not as much torque but much mo beta than manual. Up a steep hill ,_,--' have to pedal because still no lock no matter what the RPMs. Good though. I like it. Makes ridin it a lot easier.
auto clutch

Here's a pic of mine. Got it on Ebay & it works great. Yes guys my front belt is a little loose in the pic. :)


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