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    you give me the finger and then ask me for help?
    why don't you put something non-offensive as a photo? (your bike, your engine, anything other than saying "f**k you")
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    When it does not tell you in the add you can bet it is made in China.
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    The best friction drives were invented and sold by
    Made in the USA.
  5. floridaboy

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    I have a Staton FD with the Zenoah G430 41.5 cc. 2 stroke with a 1.125 drive roller and i could not be any happier with this set up. I also had a BMP FD with a Monster engine and a 1.250 drive roller and also liked it.
  6. JunkyardDog

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    Staton is the best. I have a Staton friction drive with Honda GX35 motor on a Felt Bixby 7 speed. The super low first gear makes it easy to pedal assist on steep hills without destroying your knees. It cruises along nicely at around 20 mph on flat roads. It is very quiet compared to a 2 stroke, and does not attract cops like a frame mounted engine. Plus you don't have to deal with that rag joint rear sprocket and killer tensioner that go with the chinese frame mount kits. It is a true "motor assisted bicycle" not a homemade motorcycle.

    BMP is now Roadbug motors, and their kits are available again.
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