Maryland Law / Mixed with VA Law

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  1. slaquers

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    Okay, so I have a REVOKED Virginia Driver's License - for fines...excess speeding.

    I am a student in Maryland. I think in MD you need a permit for a 49cc 'scooter' but does that mean I need a license, to get the permit?

    Also my mom lives right inside VA, about 9miles into VA. Can I safely drive from MD to VA without worrying about police?


  2. HseLoMein

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    I dont think you can get a permit with a revoked lisence. im pretty sure MD will do a diving record search? i doubt they will issue a permit. good luck trying tho
  3. slaquers

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    How much trouble can I get in for riding unauthorized, as in how much could a ticket be and such? My fine is $1000+, and is the reason I wanted to build a road cruiser + trail bike.
  4. HseLoMein

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    Im not sure what the costs are, but you could be charged with operation with a suspended / no license, and maybe registration laws. Im not sure how things work down there. just a tip i have spoken to some cops in my area and they are aware that people are motorizing bikes to get around not having a license