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  1. so im new to all of the mb fun im starting my build in a week or so so i ask the question is there any1 in my area that does this i say we get together and go on a little trip to chico or sac or something :cool: maybe even a chapter or something after a bit just lookin for some peeps in this area

  2. quay1962

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    hey...hope you get a group of Mb'ers together...last year we were 4 at our rally and now look at it lol...have fun and enjoy the ride...
  3. hey thanx i too hope to get some people together im sure its alot more fun with a few people to ride distances so do you know if there will be any rallys or anything close to ca
  4. itskeith

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    Hey there,

    I am from Chico and look forward to getting together for a ride sometime. I just made a rack on my motorcycle trailer (the trailer I pull with my motorcycle) to carry the MB. Count me in on any plans, schedule permitting.

  5. stude13

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    look in members section for home city, although there must be alot of us in witness protectio programs because wont say where they live, maybe they are embarassed about it.
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