Massachusetts 50cc vs 30mph max conundrum?

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    Hi, everyone.

    First post here. I was hoping someone might be able to clarify some things for me regarding registering a 50cc moped in Mass. I've been thinking for some years now about getting a moped to get to and from work in the summers here on Cape Cod where I'm from. However things are a bit confusing when it comes to mopeds that don't have to be insured. My plan after doing some research was to get a new 50cc moped to comply with the rule here in mass of not exceeding 50cc to be classified as a moped. However after shopping around I find it very difficult to find new model 50cc mopeds that max out at 30 mph which is the other requirement. I not sure how that is supposed to work. I would venture to guess that you could just say that it doesn't exceed 30mph, but I wouldn't want to risk buying one and not be able to register it. Most of them moped I've seen clearly have speedometer that go up to around 50mph usually. I mean the bottom line is I don't want to have to get a motorcycle licences to ride the thing. So is my only choice to buy a vintage moped that has a speedometer that only goes up to 30?

    Any light you could shed on this would be greatly appreciated...:eek:

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    Go to the Mass. dmv and search their requirements.
    I did that (in NY) and it worked out OK for me.
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    I did that, and what I'm saying in my question is in reference to those very requirements, but they are confusing. Which is why I'm hoping someone who rides in mass can clarify.
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    Welcome to the forum Shaolind. If you are looking at true Mopeds not a bicycle with engine assist I think you will find that most all mopeds imported into the US for resale are restricted so they don't exceed 30mph. Just because the speedo read higher than 30 doesn't always mean it will go faster than that. Just curious where are you shopping for mopeds?
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    Mopeds, MAB's, and scooters are three different things.Scooters/mopeds require stickers/reg/plates depending on where you live, an MAB 50cc and under usually requires none of that (though I'm not in MASS).A mopeds pedals can't pedal jack****, that's where a MAB is a bike assisted by motor, not a motorbike.If you can't take off from a standstill, or do a wheelie, motor power alone it's an MAB, if the engine fails and you can't pedal it 10 miles, it's a moped.
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    Thank you so much, how stupid of me. I seem to have missed that little note next to most of the mopeds I was looking at. That makes total sense. I was just paying attention to the speedometers... That solves the mystery, thank you. :bowdown:
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    It's all about the looks, and the money . As long as you have a Moped Sticker, and wear a helmet, the " Clutch Police " aren't going to hassle you. Technically, if your doing over 30 MPH, a cop could write you up for an unregistered motorcycle . I wouldn't worry about used chicken feed like max speed. The trick is, blend in, don't stand out, resist the urge to pass 10 speed riders under bridges at wide open throttle .
    Call Pirate Cycle if you need help with paperwork. Basiclly, you need your bicycle's VIN # and put * Grubee 48cc* for model . You need to come in to the RMV in person, to sign forms .