Massachusetts Moped Law Changes

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    To all the m*******s out there. There have been changed in the law regarding mopeds. It really applies to mopeds that go over 30. It will a[pply to me once i get the jackshaft installed.

    The same legislation will also bring about significant changes for many a moped owner.

    First, it will allow the Registry to issue, for the first time, license plates for mopeds that can travel faster than 30 miles per hour. A large number of mopeds fit this description, including several Vespa models.

    Without license plates, police have been hard-pressed to tag moped operators for moving violations and parking offenses. (Mopeds are currently identified by small inspection stickers, which few pay attention to.)

    The Registry would also have the authority to require moped operators to insure their vehicles. Alas, while such a requirement would hold moped drivers more accountable, it will also make driving a moped, a cost-efficient solution for urban commuters, more expensive.

    The legislation, however, is not without benefit. Lots of mopeds can achieve speeds of 40 miles per hour, but under current laws, it's illegal to go faster than 25 miles per hour. The new legislation allows speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

    I already called my insurace comapny, and they are willing to insure it. I didnt ask for price yet cause the new law takes effect in end of july
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    Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Happy Valley

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    Hmmmm....he said.....Hmmmm insurance.

    Will that mean inspections too?

    Just thinking aloud here but having a built-in distrust of politicians I hate to see when they start mucking around changing laws.

    The thing that has always been on my mind is the line in current MA RMV moped law that says:
    *Comply with all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards.

    Federal means DOT and DOT means full lighting array and speed rated tires.
    Ever look for DOT speed rated tires for a bicycle?

    Might be OK for you Whizzer guys Ray but might be bad for home-built MBs.
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    Title, sales tax, local excise tax ect. What no tires from wallyworld.
  5. HseLoMein

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    I wish they had spped rated tires for bicycles, i am in the process of getting it as close to DOT standards as possible. My alternator and lights just came in today :)
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    BTW, where did you see this was due to become effective in April?
  7. HseLoMein

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    Correction, did some further digging the law takes effect end july 2009. This is from the state house law books. Ill find a link later. I assumed it was april cause it matches the insurace fiscal year.

    Here is the state statute (sp?)
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  8. tsal

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    People read, read, read this new law! This new law does not change or amend any existing regulations for motorized bicycles/mopeds in MA.

    The author Peter DeMarco who wrote the article in states "it will allow the Registry to issue, for the first time, license plates for MOPEDS that can travel faster than 30 miles per hour". First off, A moped that can travel faster than 30 miles per hour under current MA law is classified a Motorcycle, and is required to be registered and insured as such.

    He also states "The Registry would also have the authority to require MOPED operators to insure their vehicles". I can find no such wording in the new law.

    In both of his statements, I believe he is confusing "mopeds" with "4-wheeled & 3-wheeled low-speed vehicles" which this new law does address.
  9. tsal

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    The "federal motor vehicle safety standards" has standards for each class of motor vehicle. (trucks, cars, trailers, motorcycles, ect.) Each standard is numbered, and at the end of each standard, there is a list of the VEHICLES TO WHICH THAT PARTICULAR STANDARD PERTAINS TO. None of the standards address motorized bicycles or mopeds.

    In 1977, when the moped boom was going strong, the Federal Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission ( realized that MOPEDS WERE NOT LISTED IN THE FEDERAL MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY STANDARDS, and passed VESC V-17. This FEDERAL regulation outlines Minimum Requirements for Construction and Equipment of Mopeds and is not part of the federal motor vehicle safety standards. V-17, Construction and Equipment of Mopeds.pdf

    Technically, MA does not cite this regulation as being required to comply with on the moped application; It only lists the "federal motor vehicle safety standards" which has no applicable standards for mopeds. However I would comply with VESC V-17 as federal law supercedes state law.

    BTW, VESC V-17 does not require DOT speed rated tires on mopeds but there are size restrictions.
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    Very good tsal, thanks for the input and citations, I'll bookmark them for further reading.

    In the reply above, your highlighting of Moped seems you want to make clear a distinction. What's your take on the difference between mopeds and MBs? To me this is a gray area. Forgive me for being dense but MBs presently seem to fall under current moped law and definition.

    Interesting. So from first glance, some issues pertinent to MBs are a full motorcycle lighting and signal array, mirror, horn, chain guard.......

    and brakes. That one looks tricky. Thoughts? V-11...on and Equipment of Motorcycles--OUTDATED.pdf

    Are we to suppose that a limited top speed will be the determining factor in placing MBs outside the reach of further legislation?
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    When in doubt, pedal.

    Pedal away from it all. ; /

    Happy, in Amherst.
  12. Mountainman

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    seems like -- this may have been brought on because of speeds over 25 mph

    that seems to be a problem
    if -- in our states -- we don't hold our top speed down
    the outcome may not be good

    as we ride those things
  13. Happy Valley

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    Certainly part of the equation MM, a rather large part. But to understand that requires a degree of commonsense, not always commom evidently.

    There are those with enough seasoning on them to know a good THING when they see it. To be able to have a bit of power assist and just glide by the madding crowd quietly minding their own bussiness without anyone paying them much attention because it's JUST A a good THING.
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    I think the changes came about because almost every moped and scooter you buy nowadays goes faster that 30 and cities and towns cant properly ticket a moped here cause they done issue plates in Mass, only registration stickers with a serial number. And no metermaid / cop wants to look up a vehicle by that number, its too small. the sticker is a 1 in squre. Plus most moped riders i see dont have the registration sticker and the cops here (Metro Boston) could care less.
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    "I just wanna ride (pedal) my bicycle, I just wanna pedal (ride) my bike, Ossifer."

    Studs? Oh. I put them on my tires to flare out on the black ice, Sir. No laws again' that,:cool2:is there?

    Not Nokian, but they have saved me a few times from going under a cager's :shout:(humungus) wheels.

    Those funnie things around the handle bars? They are winter pogies. Keeps ya toasty.

    These lobster gloves? Yeah. Kinda redundant.

    It has been one lOo-ong winter here, in the Valley.

    (Oh. you like my stealth rear rack? Heh.) :idea:
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    That is what i do on the greenways, Im electric so if i see the man i just
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    SADDLE UP, pedal up, mate-ies!

    Yo HO HO! & a bottle of, Ummmmm, GATORADE? :-/
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    Any updates on this that anyone has heard of?
  19. there not legal here but i ride anyway,what am i going to do walk? with groceries straped to my back.people do what they gotta do. if enough people have em and ride them it becomes legal.