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    I just got back from the Registry in Yarmouth as I wanted to register my old mountain bike with a new engine kit I bought online.

    The Massachusetts requirements as far as application paperwork go specify a Certificate of Origin for new "mopeds" - I didn't have that and was somewhat concerned but printed out a copy of my invoice and hoped it would be fine.

    I took that along with my completed "MOTORIZED BICYCLE (MOPED) REGISTRATION" form and the $40 fee. For the VIN number I took the advice I had seen posted here and put my bicycles 9 digit serial number from the bottom bracket (I didn't add any number's or letter's such as zero's to bring the number to 17).

    Went to initial counter, stated I wanted to register my motorized bicycle, got my number and sat and waited for the clerk. Was called up, again said I wanted to register a motorized bicycle and handed over my form. The clerk went to grab a moped sticker, turned and asked a passing supervisor "do we have problems with these" and her reply was "no, what do we care" and the clerk finished up getting the sticker and stamped my form. Didnt ask for a Certificate of Origin or even ask to see the invoice. The intial clerk who sorts where you go actually asked me more questions.

    Walked out with a brand new shiny moped sticker !

    I'm guessing the question to the supervisor was just because it's a relatively new law to be able to register these, they dont come up often and she perhaps remembered training or a memo about them.

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    Did you pay sales tax on the receipt price?

    And just a heads up on the regs for folks, a CoO is needed or a bill of sale, if you know what I mean.
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    No sales tax - didn't think of that, but now you mention it I am surprised they don't.