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    Hi I'm Sculch from Massachusetts. I have been lurking once in while and decided to sign up. I have many many bikes in my collection and decided I'd like to motor up. I build rat rod type bikes now so this is the next step up in my builds. Nothing mortored to show, I'll just be cruising through the threads for a while to get up to speed.


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    Mass rider

    Welcome to the forum! Thier are about 10 to 15 people from ma. here.
    I have been riding in Weymouth for 2 yrs. never came across another MB rider.
    Be sure to post some pictures of your build progress.
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    I was hoping there would be someone from MA, thanks for posting, I'm from the Cape. I will be posting pictures. Still browsing the posts.....this may take some time.

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    me and buddy build these in salem mass. so if anyones around we can all meet up,smoke up..whatever
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    Need alittle help

    crank hits chamber enough that i cant pedal past it or grind do i know if SBP bottom bracket (crank spindle) will fit my 21 speed.i see sizes for length in millimeters but is the threads different sizes.i tried seaching before posting i must be spelling wrong or just not phrasing it right.thank for anyhelp