Massive Clutch Failure

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Pofke13LT, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Pofke13LT

    Pofke13LT Guest

    Well more like moped failure.. I finished my bike and took it for a test drive, chain hopped off and got lodged in wheel, wheel locked up and engine died.. Dragged the thing home, put a new wheel on, rebuilt the handlebars so the damn clutch lever would work, but no matter what I did it would always stay in "motor mode" and never let me pedal...
    Took apart some stuff and the clutch disc is TOTALLY shot.. Every single pad is completely smooth... So where can I order a replacement clutch disc?? Its an 80cc simpson motor, from what I can tell.. I found on simpsons site that they sell complete clutch kits for $85, but all i need is the disc... I mean I paid $185 for the whole shebang, im not gonna spend another $85 on a replacement disc.. :eek:

  2. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    fix it

    Pull your pressure plate and rough up your pads with a file or sand paper. Replace pressure plate and add a few turns to make more pressure. You should be fine...Enjoy the ride..
  3. Blaze

    Blaze Guest

    The strange thing here is that you said your clutch plates are shot because they are totally smooth, but it's always stuck in "motor mode".

    If your clutch plates were no good, the motor would never engage. You have a different problem because your motor will not disengage.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Blaze is right, re-adjust the whole works and see what happens. Your clutch plates shouldn't be shot because the chain came off. Did it damage something else?
  5. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    good point Blaze.
    maybe your clutch cable needs adjusted. Cables stretch & cable housings compress. Try pushing the clutch arm on the engine in with your hand to see if it allows your rear wheel to roll. If so....adjust your clutch cable, & you should be good to go.
  6. Pofke13LT

    Pofke13LT Guest

    i see

    Alright, at least we are making positive progress! Okay... I tried pushing the clutch arm with my hand and in both positions the motor is engaged. Im saying to hell with the original crappy locking clutch lever, and either ordering one of those fancy ones online or using an old brake lever... As far as adjusting the clutch disc, how do I know how much to adjust it? Do I just give it a few turns and test it? Or is there an easier/more precise way of doing it?

    Thanks a lot guys. :smile:
  7. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

  8. Pofke13LT

    Pofke13LT Guest

    Allright... Im out in the garage right now messing with the clutch... Ive made positive and negative progress...

    Positive progress: I can engage and disengage the engine by switching the clutch arm with my hand.
    Negative progress: It works backwards. Engine is engaged when clutch lever is mashed down, and disengage when it is in the upright position.
    What gives? :mad:
  9. Pofke13LT

    Pofke13LT Guest

    You guys are telling me that THAT doesnt need replacing?? It looks mighty fudged up... But then again im new to this...

    Heres the deal: I got the clutch to engage and disengage properly, only thing is once I go for a test run as soon as I drop the clutch it just grinds the clutch, because theres nothing of those pads left.. So then I go back to the garage and if I tighten it one more notch then the engine is always engaged.. There is no in between. Is there any way to replace just those pads or do I have to get the whole new disc.. Or is there another option?
  10. mrsaxman99

    mrsaxman99 Guest

    anyone have any directions on how to get it all apart? I can't get the brass colored plate off the thing...
  11. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    WHAT I MEANT WAS.........

    What I meant was, rough up and scratch up the pads, not the pressure plate. If your pads get glazed, they will not want to grip as well. Also...When you put your pressure plate back on, put a few extra turns on it. and..Also... Quit riding the clutch and quit doing clutch starts. That is what is causing you to glaze the pads. Always do a pedal start to help the clutch and make sure the clutch is adjusted correctly with at least a hair of free travel at all times.. Enjoy the ride....
  12. Pofke13LT

    Pofke13LT Guest

    Re: WHAT I MEANT WAS.........

    Well Dad, I've only ridden this thing once before the whole catastrophe so I wouldnt even have had a chance to ride the clutch or do clutch starts... Anyways, I have finally gotten it to start up, but ive found it does not want to start once I pedal at high speed, only at slow speed pedaling.. Probably gotta rough up the pads some... And replacing the clutch lever helped IMMENSELY... Now the thing actually gets tight. :razz: