Master Link for 420 chain?



I lost my Master Link on my 415 chain. All the local shops only have 420 and up sizes. From the research I've done, a 415 is 3/16" wide and a 420 is 1/4" inch wide.

I need a working chain in order for me to continue to figure out how to fix my throttle assembly. I was going to mount the bike off the ground while working on it.

I'm ordering a replacement 415 Master Link from, however, they only ship once a week and I didn't want to wait that long to continue working on other issues.

Is 1/16 size up an issue? Would it possibly cause any damage??? Obviously, I don't want to do anything stupid.

Any thoughts?

Never mind. I just found a dealer 45 minutes away.

Thanks anyways.
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ok, japennell...there has been SO much talk already about this very topic. you'll have to learn to use the Search feature. run a search on chains, or master links. there's got to be 100 posts on this, i bet.

edit: ok, glad u you found one. but really, there's a wealth of info available on many things. all you have to do is use the search.
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Hey spunout, I told myself 'Im not going to be one of THOSE guys that get counseled on not using the search. But, I was.'

Anyways, just as an FYI, the search is limited. For example, since my question was on 415 and 420, well, that is what I searched on. Results? - nothing found.

However, after typing Chain, the 2nd to last article had both those search variebles in the posting. (Go figure.) So, if one searches for there key word (a pertinent one at that) and results come up not found, I assumed it really didnt exist. Hence my post.

I'm happy to report that my question was actually there. So, in the end, you were right. However, the SEARCH did fail.

I guess nothing beats the old manual way, huh?

i notice that the "similar threads" feature (located at the bottom of all topic pages) isn't being utilized to it's full potential...when you try your best to search and find you still need to start a new topic, the board will then help you find what you're after. this is dependant on how specific your subject line is, tho...if you see a "similar thread" at the bottom of the page that looks like where you should be, revive that one with a reply and let the new one fade away. if that scenario plays out correctly, you may then pm a moderator and have the new "repeat" deleted, please pitch in wherever and whenever you can, we truly appreciate it.

when searching, use your main keyword and try to pair it with another to get a more narrow and hopefully more relevant set of results. in a nutshell, search for terms and phrases that you're hoping to see in a subject line. before posting a new topic, try one more search using the intended new subject may be pleasantly surprised.