Master link in chain?

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    Recently purchased a 1999 WC-1 Classic,1700+miles,while performing a complete front to back,top to bottom,noticed the chain does not have a master link.Is that how they are from the factory,and can we still get master links? I believe in soaking chain to clean all the **** before lube,or are they so inexpensive that it is not worth the time?

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    I'm no Whizzer expert, but i do know a thing or 2 about bicycle chains. If you don't have a master link, you can just get an inexpensive chain breaker (available at large discount stores as well as bike shops) and press out the pins and replace a link with a master link. The link can also usually be found at the discount store, maybe a good hardware store (Ace, True Value...), and certainly a bicycle shop.

    However, you can also just go without and use a chain breaker when you need to. I got a nice steel (not aluminum) chain breaker at Meijer for under $5.

    Good luck!
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    Great! just what I was hoping for a simple solution.Thank you