Master Link

Lowe's carries many sizes of master links and half links in the fastener section.

I realized i placed it in the wrong category so i tried to re post in the correct one.
Lowe's no longer carries them. I also checked Granger and they didn't have anything. Any other suggestions.
Try any Quality bike shop. A 415h bike chain is just a hair wider than the kit chains, but the master link will work.
something to keep in mind, I switched to bmx chains on both my 2 & 4 stroke bikes & works much better. I have no more chain streching, much smoother & quieter. also allows for more clearance at rear tire & frame. I have about 500 miles on one of my bikes since switch & still has not streched. bmx chain fits with no mods. 415 chain doesn't fit sprokets that great anyway!