master links and the 'little brass screw'

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  1. gubba

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    to dax.....
    a 'my own falut mishap' resulting in 4 broken spokes, several bent and many loose.
    all that stress also snapped the chain at the master. do you have these? no one arround her knows what i'm talking about Knowing now that this leaves you stranded, i would like several.

    also the little brass collar/screw at the end of the clutch cable (actually moves the clutch arm). i could use several of these to feel safe.



    stay dry

  2. gubba

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    Being a fairly new member, when I posted the above message I didn't realize you have an army of vendors here. Fantastic. I wasn't trying to exclude anyone that could help me, I hope I didn't step on any toes.

    Anyone who can provide the items I need please respond.


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  3. Mountainman

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    gubba -- you can call your dax vendo (possibly) and order parts needed

    you mention spokes -- so we assume you will be straightening your own wheel

    sounds as if a bicycle shop should have all of these parts you need

    might save some time --- I enjoy my small local bicycle shop.....

    get up soon and -------------- ride that thing
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  4. bluegoatwoods

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    Speaking of Dax, I notice that he's no longer on the list of sponsors to the left and that I've not seen any posts from him lately?

    Are you still with us Dax?
  5. gubba

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    I'm not concerned with the wheel.... I have replaced it.

    I need masterlinks.

    have tried all of the hardware stores, Lowels, ACE, 'tractor supplies' lawnmower shops, chainsaw repair and supplies, small engine repair shops.
    I have tried YAWS, FiveFlag moter bikes,, and others.

    I need masterlinks. 1 to replace the broken one and a few spares

    a single speed bike chain does not fit my kit sproket. A BMX bike chain does not fit.

    I'm told a 415 masterlink will work. can't fidn one.

    I cannot ride that thing. LOL


    stay dry
  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member


    are you sure that you need a master link in there ??

    if your chain is long enough -- you could use a chain tool -- eliminate the master link ?

    always best to have our chain repaired when we -- RIDE THAT THING
  7. fetor56

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    Doubtfull that he's with us.
    My own personal thoughts but i think he got sick of a few petty members picking on every word he said,so he went u know u know elsewhere.
    Sad cos it's OUR loss. :(
  8. MacTac

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    Why not cut to the chase and, just go to either his site "" or one of the vendors THAT DO advertise here and supports this forum? Would prolly shave atleast a month waiting for a reply!

  9. Go to Tractor Supply Co. and get the #41 chain and extra links, much better quality, and availability. They have a gokart/minibike section that might have the collar for the clutch cable also.....
  10. gubba

    gubba New Member goto parts.....

    both items there, in stock. thanks for the link mac

    we have 3 'Tractor Supply Co' in jacksonvillr florida. will give them a look too, thanks


    stay dry
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  11. New Member

    Hi Gubba,

    If you still need these parts, please contact us via the "contact us" page on We can help =)