Master Links, Pistons and Rings,

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by charlesmss33, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. charlesmss33

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    Is there a local shop that I can go to for master links, and other parts for my gas powered bicycle? I live in Chandler close to the freeway so I can go to any part of town.

  2. loquin

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    Chandler, AZ? (If you place your state in your profile, it helps us answer questions)

    What kind of chain (bicycle chain, or drive chain from engine to supplemental sprocket ? )

    What kind of drive / engine? (GEBE? Staton? Happy Time? Honda? R/S ? )
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  3. charlesmss33

    charlesmss33 New Member

    Drive chain.

    The chain that goes to the sprocket from the engine that you can't get at the scooter or bike shops.
  4. loquin

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    I ask again ... What kind of Kit? Staton Rack mount? Staton rear Axle Mount? EZM? Happy Time?

    Also, (again) - are you in AZ? (Town/Cities named Chandler are in more than a dozen states...)

    Since this thread has nothing to do with bicycle repair, I'm moving it to the general forum 'till you can give us some more info.
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  5. motorpsycho

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    sometimes you can find master links, and 1/2 chain links at places like lowes, menards or even a hardware store (like ace or true value).
    the problem is that you still have not stated what chain you have.
    is it the big style chain (like motorcycle size) or is it a bicycle size chain?
    need to know what engine you are running, and if it is a rack mount or an in frame engine.
  6. charlesmss33

    charlesmss33 New Member

    I am in Chandler, AZ on Ray and Rural. I don't know the type of engine that is on it. The chain size I believe is the 415 chain size master link that I need. The guy that I purchased it from said that he got the kit from Spooky Tooth Cycles online. I bought a kit after that. It was an "Arizona Motors" engine kit. Very shoddy engine. Fell apart after 4 months. The engine actually locked up and threw me into traffic. I didn't get hit. But I tore the engine to shreds after that. The shop that I bought it from that installed it had moved so I haven't been able to find another one locally that I could walk into with parts that I can't identify. The hardware stores are a good suggestion. I haven't asked them about the master links. I would still be interested to know if there are any shops in the Chandler - Phoenix or surrounding areas.
  7. loquin

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    Spooky tooth sells 'happy time' kits & bicycles - in-frame, two-stroke.

    For chain, you need (I believe) a #415 chain. Here's a handy cross reference. Note that you can use #41 chain instead of 415 - it's the same pitch (and roller diameter,) but, it's a little bit wider than 415, and can handle misalignment a bit better.

    Check out Grainger industrial supply - they have several locations in the valley. Their stuff is very good quality.

    There is a guy in Chandler/Sun Lakes who sells kits & parts - goes by LiveFastMotors. He's had OK reviews here. You could get most of the external parts from him. (The quality may, or may not be what you would like. We have no way of telling.)

    But, to tell the truth, if you've got a spooky tooth skyhawk motor, I would order any internal replacement engine parts (pistons/rings/etc.) directly from them.
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  8. Al.Fisherman

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    I get mine at Tractor Supply and they will ship if not close.
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  9. Pablo

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    You can look at local well stocked hardware places, but unlikely they will sell 415 stuff. has a variety of links and 1/2 links.