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    Hey all, here's a math riddle that a friend and I have been trying to figure out but have been failing at horribly

    Plus it'll keep some of you busy if you help out

    Help would be much appreciated!

    Riddle Begin:

    Paula, Sue and Daisy are mathematical geniuses. They can do any number of calculations in their head instantly. One day, they're given the task of figuring out two numbers. Those two numbers are in the range between 1 and 1000 and they're whole numbers (no decimal numbers). Both numbers can be the same too.

    Paula is told the product of both numbers (one number multiplied with the other), Sue is told the sum of both numbers and Daisy is told the difference between the two numbers (one number subtracted from the other). However, they're not allowed to tell those numbers to each other.

    Then, the following conversation ensues:

    Paula: I don't know the two numbers.
    Sue: You don't need to tell me that, I've known that already.
    Paula: Ah, in that case, I know the numbers now.
    Sue: Ok, I know the numbers now too.
    Daisy: I still don't know the numbers. I can guess one number, which is likely to be one of the two numbers, but I don't know for sure.
    Paula: I know which number you're thinking of, but this one is wrong. It's not one of the two numbers.
    Daisy: Ah, then I know the numbers now too.


    What are the two numbers?