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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RLK, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. RLK

    RLK Guest

    Hi. I have been looking for a BBS like this for a couple of months. I found this and lurked here for a couple of days and feel like i've struck the mother lode!

    I'm 32, single, childless and lost my DL for a year so I sold my car. I need a better way to get around town on a daily basis. Colorado state laws are really strict about "pedal assisted cycles," requiring drivers liscense, forward facing lamp visible 500 feet away even in daylight and a registration sticker. Some localities are even stricter than the state laws. A gas motor would get me stopped and probably arrested for driving w/out a liscence.

    That leaves me with electric as the only option i'm comftorable with. My short time researching has pointed me in the direction of Spooky-Tooth's 36V brushless rig. Reading member Blaze's detailed posts has all but sealed the deal.

    I'm ready to checkout and I see a box for "Coupon Code" What should I know about that? Is it a referal reward for referer and referee? I hesitate to checkout before I have a chance to earn some good karma or a discount.

    Thanks. I'll try not to bogart the joint.

  2. Tom

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    Aug 4, 2006
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Not sure what you can enter for code, but maybe someone else would know. SpookyTooth himself comes on this forum from time to time.

    Glad to have you here!
  3. JFleck

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    your best bet would be the 48V, the 36V would be ok but for the extra $20 the 48V will be well worth it. as for buying the kit check Ebay and then call Roland direct he will give you the same price as Ebay.

    I just ordered one my self and installing it as we speak.... I am doing many mods to mine though, but according to the instructions it can be set up on just about any bike in an hour or so.

    Make sure you secure some batteries they are NOT included in the kit. . .

    GOOD LUCK! and Welcome to the forums . . .

  4. etheric

    etheric Guest

    Welcome. Tough break in with those CO laws. They could care less about any of that here in Indy.
  5. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    RLK, keep in mind that being seen & being able to see are 2 different things...the cheapo hong-kong LED's on ebay will make you visible & legal, even in the sunlight. be careful at night, tho :???:

    (please use our ebay searchbox for 'bicycle LED headlight', the box helps pay for stickers and radio/chat)

    as far as a best price, let roland at spookytooth know what you found and i'm sure he'll hook you up, he has a great rep :)

    neat "sig"...welcome to MBc 8)
  6. RLK

    RLK Guest

    I'm not able to post one of my lovely self portraits, to let you see me in my glorious digitized flesh, on 2 wheels at 66 mph, with one hand on the camera and one hand on the throttle...

  7. RLK

    RLK Guest

    Can I do pictures yet?


  8. Welcome,
    I am in Colorado too. The laws you are referring to apply to mopeds and scooters that are built with engines from the start, not bikes that have had a helper motor added to them. I have never been pulled over on my bikes running gas engines. When I spot the police I just pedal to show it is a bike and wave.
  9. Wheels

    Wheels Guest

    Welcome RLK, nice Honda

  10. Tom

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    Aug 4, 2006
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    How the hell did you take that first picture!? Must have been dangerous!

    What kind of honda is that? Ive got an xl185s, its an old '82, but still runs like a top.
  11. RLK

    RLK Guest

    :grin: One hand on the camera, one on the throttle. Here's a top speed shot :grin: Its a 1982 XL250R That I bought for $800


    Here's a pic, loaded for a weekend camping trip.


    More at my SmugMug page.
  12. dhunt

    dhunt Guest

    If you talk to the State Police, they will try and tell you that any motor or engine makes the vehicle a motor vehicle and requires at least a class c. I have them stop me and tell me that and I demand my ticket. They never give any. If they did, I would get them in front of a judge and get the same ruling the other 49 states have.

    There is no current law that even mentions a Low Speed Electric Bicycle in the CRS laws. The one that they refer to is for the 49cc Motorbike or scooter. They are trying to use Intimidation to force a law that doesn't exist.
  13. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    WHEN YOU SEE THE COPS COMING...............

    Hit the kill switch and pedal your bike..Then..What can they do?
    Enjoy the ride...
  14. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    Not stopped yet..

    I too live in Colorado..I have been past at least 400 cops in the past few years...never been stopped. Never....Not yet... anyway... But..I abide by traffic laws and I pedal a lot too. Enjoy the ride
  15. dhunt

    dhunt Guest

    Re: Not stopped yet..

    That seems to be the common beliefs of most cops. But there is always that one. I am trying to get decent state laws concerning Low Speed Electric Bicycles that place some common sense regulation at state level. The current laws were geared towards the 49cc and smaller gas rigs. What we need is laws that mirror the federal Low Speed Electric Bicycle laws like the CRS is for Motor Vehicles. As is in, mirror the Federal Public Law governing Low Speed Electric Bicycles. But I would add an age limit though.