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    I have been motoring along using a Lifan 98cc 2.5HP 4 stroke on my DH MTB & felt like the Std Max-torque V-Belt Pulley clutch was lacking. I contacted Jim@MaxTorque & after much email correspondence & sending him pictures of my application, he advised me to send back my clutch to have the Oillite bushing that comes stock replaced with precision sealed cartridge bearings. It seems the bushing isn't great at staying lubed even if you opt to drill the crankshaft & clutch sleeve & install a Zerk fitting (Max-lube modification). He even offered to change out my clutch springs to alter the rpm engagement point but I like the low rpm engagement now.
    So for $40 + $6 shipping I'll have a pretty slick centrifugal clutch.
    See Pics

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    Ok I received the clutch back in the mail today & was very excited to open up the box to check it out. I was going thru withdrawals last week without being able to ride 'THE BEAST' since I had sent the clutch to Max-Torque for the tweaking.
    Jim @ Max-Torque went the extra mile. After opening up my clutch to examine the innards, he installed heavier duty shoes & stronger clutch springs for a slightly higher engagement point. He replaced my drum with the billet pulley drum & precision cartridge bearings to replace the oilite bushing. He also sent me new set screws & a slightly longer key for the keyway. He also sent back my old drum after grinding a few slots in it to better hold the bushing grease should I ever need to use it again (I doubt it) & the old shoes/springs.
    I took a few pics of the clutch before eagerly installing it to get my MB riding fix. The cartridge bearing makes everything spin better & should last longer without the need to constantly regrease the bushing.
    One thing I learned is that if you dont ask, you dont get.
    For $40 + shipping both ways $12, I got one sweet piece of equipment.
    The Max Torque website is outdated & in need of a modern day revamp (just like my clutch). They can do some pretty amazing things that aren't posted on their website, so I definitely recommend dropping Jim an email to inquire. I did ask him about centrifugal clutches made for the popular Honda GXH50QXA type 50cc engine & he makes a clutch for it with heavier springs for the higher revving little Honda.
    I may need to get one of those one day.

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    mmmmm, pulley drive...

    i wish clutches were that cheap here!

    got one on ebay from US that did come to 60, half the shelf price here.

    and while the service may be great (so you say :) ) the #35 chain cent. clutches are POS! they really are loud and rattly and thats brand new! not too mention the balancing...
    my homemade one was silent! shame the sprocket finally died :( dont try welding hardened sprockets to clutch bells!

    and then how to attach a 16 mm shaft clutch to a 15mm shaft with a 17mm shoulder?

    a days machining , thats how :(
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    If you got centrifugal clutch woes, do what I did & email Jim@ Max-Torque & tell him what issues you have about the clutch you own, or better yet tell him what you want your next clutch to do & he'll make it & send it (less expensive that way).
    He can make it perfect if he knows what you needs it to do.
    I think more MB'ers would go the route of larger Industrial engines if there was a 'good clutch' option.
    I cant say enough good things about how well the Lifan 98cc 2.5 HP engine drives my MB with all that torque on tap.
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    Ok, got enough mileage on the new Max-Torque clutch now to give a opinion on it now based on my experience.
    The precision bearing clutch is awesome!
    I have had none of the problems associated with the clutch like I did when it was w/bushing. The drum spins true without play & engagement is smoother & more linear.
    Two thumbs up...