Maximizing mileage on the Whizzer NE5??



Howdy friends,

It's been a rough winter here in Chicagoland. But now the flowers are blooming and my Whizzer wants to play. I grounded myself for a while because my eye-sight was so bad that riding the Whizzer scared me. But thanks to cataract surgery I can see again, and am thinking about what to do next with the Whizzer.

There seem to be a bunch of folks who are into the "more power" aspect of Whizzer mods. But has anyone worked on optimizing fuel efficiency?

I have a mileage test set-up in mind, and plan to start gathering the parts tomorrow. But, as I proceed, I'd like to hear from anyone else who might have ridden that road before; so I won't end up duplicating what has already been proven.

-----When neighbors drop by and see the Whizzer, my wife proudly announces, "It gets 120 MPG." But she was a math major in college; so, sooner or later, I'll have to come up with tables and graphs....-----