Maximum Firepower....Dual Ignition Modules



HI all,

IN an effort to improve the ignition system on our small engines and to ensure the maximum use of all the fuel in the combustion chamber I was wondering if we could double up on the igniter modules (the box with the plug wire running out of it)....That is we could take two of the ignition modules....wire all the blue wires together, wire all the black wires together and then make a custom plug wire that takes the output of BOTH boxes and run all that juice to the single spark plug.....

What do you think...could something like that work and get better performance? or is there inherently something wrong with this?.....even if the 2 boxes don't output at the exact same instance, I feel the only result may be a longer duration spark (if they fire very closely together) or if the time interval is slightly greater (between the firings of the 2 separate modules) we would effectively have a multiple spark discharge....Similar to the MSD products for automotive use....

Could there be a problem with one module putting juice into the other one?...If so could diodes be somehow used to isolate the modules?



Most unburnt fuel in a 2 stroke is due to inherent design nature not poor spark. A valved 2 stroke engine would remedy this issue.