Engine Trouble May have done to much at once and not done enough research...

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    Ok....so I recently had problems blowing out gaskets on my exhaust (common problem and im sure will be fixed with the copper rtv) But i wanted to port out the exhaust and clean up the intake and vents. In the process I snapped a ring trying to put the piston back in the cylinder. No big deal, replaced rings, cleaned up cylinder, shaved a little off the head (put on flat surface with some 800g sand paper) replaced head gasket and then i decided to also cut my exhaust pipe. That tube on the inside. yea i just cut it completely off and put the cap back on. So I started it up and fired right up. I let it idle for a few minutes and it sounded strong. I figured it was timefor a test drive. I took it around the block and it was a little choppy but i figured it was just trying to get settled in. After i went around the block i parked it and checked everything again (plugs, head and piston seals ect) all seamed great. So i decided to take it down the street. Well i stopped at a light, pulled the clutch in and the engine started to rev really high. Like I started to get a little nervous so high. once the light turned green i let the clutch go and took off. Not 100m later it started to bog down and died. I checked fuel line, good, i have good spark and everything seams very tight. I dont have a way of really checking compression but if the clutch is out its not moving anywhere. I've read through a handful of threads and haven't seen anything. Hopefully one of you veterans out there can help me out.
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    Sounds like you have either an "air leak" or a sticking throttle slide or sticking throttle cable.
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    Hi, it would help if you chopped that up into paragraphs :)
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    Haha, thanks guys for the help. turned out when i used rtv to stop the leaky NT carb it got all gunked and plugged up the carb (should have read the disclaimer on the tube *doh*). cleaned it up and hot damn, this thing can go.