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    it may not be. Probably some of you are into woodworking or carpentry, too.

    MCM Electronics has a laser saw guide special purchase on sale right now (through the end of the May) for $9.99 (MSRP of $50!) It fits 7-1/4" hand saws, plus chop saws, miter saws, and the like. Don't know (yet) if it will fit a metal-cutting chop saw.

    Just enter source code 3TE42 in the appropriate box on the shopping cart to get the deal. I believe source code W3TE1 will work as well. (It's the on-line version of the mailed catalog)

    Followup: About 4 hours after I placed the order for two of 'em., I got the ship notification.

    Followup 2:The laser guides arrived on Wed. Put one on my deWalt miter saw; it works great. (Didn't even need the spare arbor bolts they sent with the kit.) A nice, bright laser line, about as thick as a pencil line, about 1/32" of an inch from the saw kerf. Very handy. And, the second one fit my 14 inch metal chop saw, too.

    I had to make one tiny alteration with the miter saw. The deWalt has a small, swing away access cover over the arbor (pivots at one end, is held tight at the other with a screw,) and because the laser guide is thicker than the washer it replaces, the arbor bolt was touching the cover. So, I slightly bent the arbor cover out a bit near the pivot end, then back in at the screw end. Now, no rubbing.

    They work so well, I may buy one for the handsaw...

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