maybe a motorscooter to do?????

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  1. I have been looking at Kymco scooters. They use what resembles a 20" balloon bike wheel. There are plastic high performance BMX wheels out there and think I may have one if it isn't 16". A scooter tub can hide a plethora of ugly crud and I could use one of my light motorcycle forks, like Ceriani and the Motobecane rear coilovers. I could finally put my UGLY Kohler 8 hp golf cart motor with the starter/generator to work. It has a Comet VST on it too. Some go kart caliper disc brakes wouldn't be too hard to do on the plastics. I need to use up some of the glass, graphite, and Kevlar cloth before I die and the auctioneer sells it off for pennies on the dollar. I have previously done Styrofoam bucks and glassed successfully. I know this time to not use an air gun to get grindings off my skin, and use a vacuum. At 73 I have to get realistic about winding up my operations eventually while I can get a reasonably close figure of what my toys are worth. I am sitting on bushel baskets full of model airplane and boat motors, some of which are antique sparkers worth over $200 each and 6 pulse jets that are worth more than that. While B.O. is in power, it isn't the right time though. however, before it's over, we may be trading them off for food..:sweatdrop: