Maytag motor on CL

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    Oh man! Those things are so cool....had one a loooong time ago. I had it on a wooden framed go cart. They have no real way of throttling them. A friend has a running twin cylinder.
    A buck seventy isn't to bad. I would want to hear it run first. Even if you can't fit it to a bike it would still be neat to have around the shop.
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  4. My dad said that those little opposed Maytag motors had no power whatsoever, does anyone know how fast they go?
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    I bet your dad is right. Look cool though.
  6. It may not be fast or powerful or it may be too heavy, but it certainly is great looking.
  7. True, but you know what I think would be cool? I think someone should take two of those and stick one on top the other, so it looks like a four cylinder. The hard part would be slaving them together, but if you did it right, you'd have twice the power. Not to mention a VERY unique bike.