MB as a Kid's First Vehicle, or Poor People's "Upgraded" Transport

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  1. Email

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    Would you as a parent give your license aged child a MB, or recommend to poor people a MB as transportation (a motor kit of course, after they could afford the luxury)?

    I'll tell you what prompted this question after a few replies.

  2. gothicguy64

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    i have 2 boys 13 an 16 , so as i ride a unique 48cc motorized shaftdriven bike .
    my answer would be yes but , with a condition .
    obey road rules .
    no going past 35 kph
    no riding past sundown
    i rest my case

  3. Stan4d

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    Dual question,
    As for my kids first form of transport.....that depends wholly on his maturity and ability to handle it safely.
    As far as cheep transportation for poor people......I am confused by the separation of the poor. It is cheap transportation for anyone and I would recommend it to anyone.
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  4. RedBaronX

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    if I had kids of driving age and I thought they were able to handle an actual scooter/moped, then I would be fine with a motored bike.

    as for the "poor people" connection-- I'm fitting that profile quite well myself.
  5. wheelbender6

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    My teenagers were able to ride mine only after I got rid of the coaster brake wheel.
    They learned to ride on hand brakes and can't adapt to the coaster.
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    There was a post on CL where someone was asking for anyone with a free 14-inch tire for their car. They could not afford the $25 for a used one. Perhaps my e-mail to them was a little harsh; however, my thoughts are if you cannot afford $25 for a tire, what in the world are you doing owning a car? Her post is gone, but what it said was that they were willing to do anything, not illegal, not illicit.
    ----- My e-mail to her -----
    First I am not trying to be mean, but willing to offer you a suggestion. Get a decent bicycle and forget the car. You save money on gas, insurance, wear and tear, etc. The money you would have spent on fuel for the car becomes food to you. If you do not have money for a decent bicycle, sell the car (it's not going anywhere now). Later on when you can afford the luxury, buy an engine kit for your bicycle (90 to 150MPG, 35MPH, etc.), as long as you maintain a driver's license, have lights at night, and wear a motorcycle helmet, you are allowed to drive a motor-driven cycle insurance free on the road. A car is not a required item, it's a luxury. Live close to work, and work close to home.
    Bicycles (unmotorized) are driven on the roadway as if you were driving a car on them. You do not ride against traffic, nor do you drive on the sidewalks. You must lights if you drive them at night. Adults do not "have" to wear a bicycle helmet, but I would recommend getting one.

    I hope that helps or that someone has a tire that can help you out, I only have advice to give.
    ----- Her Reply -----
    i live in the middle of the country. its a 30 minute drive n a car to get to the city and over a mountain. I can't do that on a bike every day......
  7. I can drive where ever, whenever I want aslong as long my dad knows where I am, and I bring my cell phone. At night I'm not supposed to go slow, and must have headlight/tailight on.

    Think it depends on the kid really.
  8. Slackbiker

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    I could afford a car. Most people on this forum probably own cars. Since I gave up owning a car 5 year ago, i have used a bike, MB, and mass transit to go to NYC, Yellowstone, the Appalachian Trail, The Continental Divide Trail, Wind River wilderness, Gila Wilderness, Washingon D.C., the Grand Canyon, Saline Valley hotspring, Denver, The Cat Walk in Glenwood NM, Niagara Falls, Sun Valley, Phoenix, Tucson, Boise, Nashville, Chicago, Goldstrike Hotspring, The Strip, and numerous "cool towns" such as Taos, Durango, Santa Fe, Boulder, Stanley, Ketchum, Silver City, Pie Town, Moab, Provo, Mammoth Lakes, Bishop, Knoxville, Memphis...well you get the picture, and this is just a very small fraction. Plus, everyone thinks i'm way Kewl. And it is much more scenic than the car-cage, and it is good exercise. Best of all, no Parking Hassles, and no auto Mechanics on the road. Plus all the other advantages people talk about on this forum, including you.
  9. I'll own a car soon. :worship: