MB Forks on Schwinn Cruiser?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Huntington, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Huntington

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    Hello all, I have a question... I own a Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser and am looking for some more comfort. I ran across a set of mountain bike forks on CL for $40 and would love to use them on my bike. I just don't know much about bicycles so I don't know if they will fit.


    Manitou SX 80mm Fork
    Steer length: 6.5"
    Steer diameter: 1 1/8"

    Anyone know if they will work?

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  2. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    It looks, to me, that you may have 1" tube, where the forks are adverised as 1 1/8". VERY easy to buy the wrong forks.
  3. wes

    wes Guest

    the easiest method is to installed one of the repop springer schwinn forks around 40$ and you shouldn't have to change much if anything. A mtn bike fork that has a one inch steerer are around older used, or new for 100. then you have to have it threaded if its for aheadset style. or use it aheadset and install a different headset and stem for that system. the people at bikeshops are familiar with all this, or should be. for your info, the mountain bike aheadset combo feels the best by far, very stable steering and rock solid with comfort, and worth the money and effort if the mixed look doesn't bother you.
    Go to page 25 of picture gallery and look at my posting under wes and you'll see a modern mtn fork on an old frame.
  4. Huntington

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    so what your telling me is my bike is 1'' and will not work with the 1 1/8'' MB fork?

    I don't know what size my bikes tube is for sure and would hate to spend $40 on a part that wont work.
  5. wes

    wes Guest

    one inch vs inch 1/8

    Yes, your bike is the 1 inch. This uses a threaded nut to adjust the headset and then the stem is inserted into the steerer tube and bolt/wedge tightened so stem turns with fork. The aheadset style does come as one inch but is mostly phased out now, in preference for the stronger 1 1/8 size for offroad use. Downhill stuff is even 1 1/4. Like i said in previous post, one inch is still around for aheadset system. The headset bearing stuff is just slid down on the smooth steerer and then locked down/adjusted by a starnut in the steer tube and a couple of bolts on the stem itself. Google around and you can find pics i'm sure.
  6. wes

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    forgot to add: for aheaset style, you will need a new headset 20$, stem 10 or 20$. and maybe the starnut and have a shop install the system cause the fork has to be cut to correct ht. and starnut installed correctly. probably charge 40. The fork new 100$ i think RST still makes one. I'd just put on a repop springer if i were you.
  7. Huntington

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    yes I think your right, a springer will be fine on this build. I was just hopping for a quick, easy, cheap suspension. I really need to upload some pics of my bike, it's one ugly beast, half held together by JB weld and bubblegum.

    Unfortunately it's my only mode of transportation, they caught me riding dirty.

    I have a chopper bike in the works but thats on hold till I get the law off my back. Working 13 hour nights does not leave much time to build a show bike but I'm able to keep up on maintenance and keep the heap running.

    A springer with a front brake mount will be tricky to find. Could just buy the $40 one at the bike shop and weld a brake bracket or all thread to attach the brakes, whats your thoughts on that route?

    By the way thanks for the advice....
  8. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    Would one of these help you ? They are the same & both are for 1" tubes. The stem length is 5". Brake parts, [ shown ] & bearings will be included. I may have all parts but the brake lever. $20 per set + actual shipping cost.

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  9. Huntington

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    that might work, I'll have to check if 5'' will fit. I'm working 13 hour nights right now and using the bike adds about a 4 hour commute, Sunday I'll have some time to check out the specs.
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    I had a ROCKSHOX installed on my Raleigh girlie cruiser, along with seat suspension post. It looked kinda dorky until I yanked the rear fender and installed HD black rims and aggressive tires. Now I like the looks AND the ride.

    When I upgrade to Raleigh men's 7-speed cruiser, I'll re-use the Rockshox and suspension post.
  11. Huntington

    Huntington Member

    looks like my suspension project is on hold. I had 3 flats in the last week. My rim is **** and the spokes are striped. 2 rim liners, heavy duty tire, and slime is not enough to stop the flats. I just received my new 34 tooth sprocket and now have to track down a rear free wheel with disc break to mount the sucker.

    I really wish I had the time to build this bike right. would be nice if the bike shop had a spoke-less rim but I think thats asking too much.

    hey 5-7, do you have any pics of your fork setup? I can at least do the leg work and research the parts till next payday. Would be nice to see an existing build before I get too far invested.
  12. Huntington

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    and why is every word censored? by the look of my post it sounds like I'm cursing but c X r x a x p is not a bad word.
  13. Zev0

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    That's why we all say CARP!! :grin:
  14. Huntington

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    ohhh.. I'm an idiot, never noticed. :) **** I'm a dumb ****.. ... .. now I'm just doing it on purpose. :evil:
  15. waylow

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    any update on Mountain bike forks on a 1" neck tubed cruiser?

    with my 9" tall 1" neck tube, I think I am stuck to making my own springer of sorts, if I want suspension. maybe the 1/2" suspension pantourhub will be worth it.
  16. Huntington

    Huntington Member

    is the pantourhub that front wheel hub thingy that moves? I think I want to try that gadget before a springer then add a springer if needed.

    I just bought a new rear wheel, over $150 for the stupid thing. It's sad to think I have put more money into my bike then the thing was worth. Owell, next is the suspension upgrade.

    I'm thinking it would of been better to build this thing on a mountain bike in the first place. Live and learn.
  17. waylow

    waylow Member

    I have had the same thoughts, simply because the neck tube size, and because the welds and strength of my diamond back frame, just absolutely trumps the quality of my new cruiser. Not to mention, MTB parts are so easily obtained, and there are millions of variations for everything. with cruisers, all they have is generic springers, and those wont fit my 9 inch neck tube anyway! haha.

    remember, pantourhub: 1/2 inch is for rim brakes, the 1 inch is for disc brakes or no brakes.
  18. waylow

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    Suspension for all!!!

    Hi guys, I think I have found a solution which makes the pantourhubs unnecessary! read the thread I started: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?p=151347#post151347

    I found good mountain bike forks with a 1" steer tube that is easily removed (to put a longer one in, like I need) I am stoked!