mb freindly states

Arizona I think. I know there's a state out there that actually allows motoredbikes on the bike trail as long as below 50cc and below 20 bla bla bla.
That's right! Torques lives there. It must be another state I'm thinking of now.

Since laws are so flexable with these things there's no one good answer.

I would just go riding and see what the authorities do.

Now as far as worst,reading this forum I would vote Canada but that's another nation.
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Texas Seems fair and friendly.

In Texas, Scottm and others have positive stories, I have been passed by patrol officers 5 times now in three different towns and they don't seem to be paying any attention to me. I pedel most of the time anyway.
Ummm, Torques would differ on that.

Exactly, it is NOT friendly here. The riders in Tucson are still harrassed and many of you here know my plight. Anything motorized is NOT allowed on any bike trail in Nazisdale anytime, even if the motor is not on. If fact nothing motorized is even allowed within three feet of the bike path just resting. A couple of days ago I saw another sign in my town that says "bicycle friendly community". :eek:
man torques! that royally sucks! really bad joke alert! sounds like the bike trail people are related to the natzis! round here, i havent been harassed or anythin... i just turn off my motor when passing peeps ESPICALLY WITH DOGS geesh had a dog get off o the leash once.... and according to my local bike shop all theyll do the 1st time is give ya a warning... (bike shop guy rides to work on a whizzer)
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