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    wich state has the best mb laws?

  2. Arizona I think. I know there's a state out there that actually allows motoredbikes on the bike trail as long as below 50cc and below 20 bla bla bla.
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    thanks for your reply.arizona is the freindlyist one ive seen to.what other states would u consider freindly?
  4. They don't bother us out here in Colorado.
  5. California spells out the law, and it is easily followed.
    They even give you plates.
  6. Ummm, Torques would differ on that.
  7. That's right! Torques lives there. It must be another state I'm thinking of now.

    Since laws are so flexable with these things there's no one good answer.

    I would just go riding and see what the authorities do.

    Now as far as worst,reading this forum I would vote Canada but that's another nation.
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    Texas Seems fair and friendly.

    In Texas, Scottm and others have positive stories, I have been passed by patrol officers 5 times now in three different towns and they don't seem to be paying any attention to me. I pedel most of the time anyway.
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    Exactly, it is NOT friendly here. The riders in Tucson are still harrassed and many of you here know my plight. Anything motorized is NOT allowed on any bike trail in Nazisdale anytime, even if the motor is not on. If fact nothing motorized is even allowed within three feet of the bike path just resting. A couple of days ago I saw another sign in my town that says "bicycle friendly community". :shock:
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    man torques! that royally sucks! really bad joke alert! sounds like the bike trail people are related to the natzis! round here, i havent been harassed or anythin... i just turn off my motor when passing peeps ESPICALLY WITH DOGS geesh had a dog get off o the leash once.... and according to my local bike shop all theyll do the 1st time is give ya a warning... (bike shop guy rides to work on a whizzer)
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    Those of us in Idaho have never really been bothered...or so I've heard. My experience has been very positive, and the cops don't even seem to notice me.
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    I've not yet been bothered in Washington... Only was told to wear a helmet ten years ago with my first one. Ride sane and not pulling childish stunts in the streets, and they (the MAN) have better things to worry about...
  13. You know,after looking at Alaskavan's rocket sled,I would have to say Alaska is probably the friendliest state there is.

    Today I was on the sidewalk entering the bike trail. On the bike trail I passed a cop in a cop car. I waved at him,engine running and on the sidewalk. He waved back.
    There's just not enough of these bikes out here right now....I wonder how it would be if this becomes common,though.
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    I stay on the road, so I haven't had a problems. Also, my bike-cycle is nearly legal, (49cc...well, more tha 2hp and speed over 20, but...) I don't expect problems.

    BTW- what bike shop do you use?
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    So far in Kentucky I've had nothing but people grin and say "Hey ... that looks neat ..did ya build it yourself?" .. I cut through campus (I live right by Murray State) and when i get ready to hit the sidewalk i just cut the engine and pedal .. There is always campus security around in cars or walking and i've had no problems ..

    The police have not really paid me any attention ... Once i get my current problems situated on the bike i may try it on a longer trip and see what happens. But as far as i know i'm the only one in this town.
  16. PaulFlorida

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    cental florida is cool all-around. stay off the side walks. be polite to hikers. wave and smile. stay under or at the speed of traffic. cop clocked me at 35 in a thirty, waved me over just to show me.
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    thanks to az rep. tom prezelski (he wrote the laws concerning MB regulations), AZ has the best. no DL, registration or ins.
    tom rides MB's.

    rhode island only requires registration, but we get to go 30mph, as opposed to AZ 20mph max

    page 4 of this doc---> http://www.docstoc.com/docs/17297235/STATE-OF-RHODE-ISLAND
    shows a DL is not needed

    EDIT: ive never registered any of my personal bikes here, but from this thread----> http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=13009 it appears they have a guy in a Catch-22
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    New Mexico is so cool i've ridden along I-25, no problem. Actually my MB has gotten me out of a couple of busts for other offenses, the police were so fascinated.
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    In Massachusetts they let us have everything, Mopeds, Motorized Bicycles, even pocket bikes and other tiny motorcycles. Mopeds = no more than 30MPH and Pocket Bikes no more than 20. but they can be driven in the street.
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    With all the reading about different states I feel that Alabama has to be on the top. 14 and 15 year olds a permit and helmet required. 16 and above no restriction other then 150cc max, no speed limit on the motored bike (just posted limit), no registration, no tag, no inspection, no insurance, no license, no helmet (Although at 62 I wear one 99% of the time), road legal (no interstate travel) and with headlight and tail light..night legal...What more could one ask for?...beat that!!


    A. Equestrians, pedestrians, other non-motorized vehicles and low-power motor vehicles, such as motor scooters and all-terrain vehicles, are prohibited from using any interstate highway right-of-way for transportation or recreation purposes. Such interstate highways shall be signed appropriately.

    B. Bicyclists are prohibited from using any interstate highway right-of-way for transportation or recreation purposes within the boundaries of cities with a population of 50,000 or more. Bicyclists are also prohibited from using any interstate highway right-of-way deemed inappropriate by the Secretary of Highways or his or her designee. Interstate highways prohibited for use by bicyclists shall be signed appropriately.
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