MB Hybrid

Well my kit came. I wanted to put it on my mountian bike but had
frame clearance issues. So I dusted off my old ZAP bike and now I
have the Prius of MBs. LOL. Gas for the road and electric for the bike paths.
Here it is!!


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You could take a mini-generator and put it in a trailer. Then just run wires up the stalk of the trailer and power the electric motor. Even running on low the gennie will put out enough amps to run the motor and charge the battery. One of the honda eu1000i inverter gennies would work well b/c they make DC naturally then invert it to AC, just hack the DC portion off.
I pulled a 120VAC motor out of a cord powered weed whacker. It is rated at 4 amps at 120VAC so 480 Watts. That should be about right for a bike. With a Honda 1000W generator on the back putting out 120VAC, it might be an easy, just plug the cord in hybrid. It runs at 9000 rpms so it might need a jackshaft. I have run it on the workbench in a vise, it has lots of power when plugged into house electricity. It is pretty light in weight too.
Maybe im wrong, but could you hook a electric hub to the front wheel and use it as a generator for the battery pack while cruising on gas?
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Well guys, I hate to admit this but I pulled all the electrics off.
The differance between the gebe kit and the ZAP stuff is to large.
I dropped 21 lbs getting rid of the 12mph, 10 mile distance dead battery.
Zap does sell a duel motor kit. If I had that I might have left it on.
As it sat, the friction drive motor did charge the battery.
Three hours of gas time scrubing with the zap motor will charge the Battery.
It just was not worth the weight.

However as eljefino had mentioned, If the gebe turned a small generator instead
of a clutch and it ran a good electric motor (20mph) or better it would be like a
modern freight train. The most efficent way to move things.

anyone want to buy a full ZAP setup? LOL

Thanks for all the comments guys!

I think it was a good setup, just needed some tweaking and maybe a lighter battery pack.
I was really hoping to see you hook up a good sustainable lighting system on that thing. While the zap may not have had too much power with old batteries it would have been great for hill climbing and acceleration to take the strain off the GEBE. The purpose of having it regenerate wouldn't be to fully recharge the batteries but only maintain them for those times you needed a little bit of extra push and to run a sweet lighting system. 10 miles is also plenty for using the zap on shortcut bike trails and such and im sure you could push the electric range much further with new or better chemistry batteries. You should reconsider and be an MB god not just another one of many GEBE riders :)