MB kits on Ebay, your choice is....

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  1. s_beaudry

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    Hello all...

    Went thru Ebay today and found 309 auctions for MB engine kits for sale.

    What is the best one to buy in terms of quality vs price vs power?

    Everyones thoughts count here, so join in!


  2. bushido

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    i just ordered a powerkingshop 80cc for 175 shipped. i'll let you know what its like when it gets here.
  3. eleseur96020

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    I would go and order from revolutioncycles.us. I ordered a powerkingshop HT 80cc kit on ebay and so far i am a very dissapointed. Most of the parts are extremely cheap and the engine has HOLES in it. The upper assembly has about 4 holes in it. I patched it with quiksteel and it seems to be holding, but that is ridiculous. Also, my muffler broke already and had to repair it with quiksteel. (The baffle shot out while i was riding and i almost s**t myself.) The third and final problem was that my throttle/killswitch is garbage and i had to heavily modify it just so it would work. but wait, theres more, the throttle cable was too short and all of the gaskets have rotted out and or broken. Keep in mind that i have had this engine for about two weeks and i am very mechanically inclined. Rebuilt two VW bugs and worked at a bike shop for a year.

    All these problems really p***ed me off and i wanted to return the engine but am too cheap to ship it back. DO NOT order from powerkingshop or anybody selling engines on ebay unless they have reviews, most of the parts are cheap and you will be waiting for at least 3 weeks before you get your engine. Revolutioncycles.us has good engines and very good components i have looked at all their kits and they have real quality components. Don't waste your money, spend a little extra and get something that will last.
  4. malcolmlandry

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    Do what now?
  5. eleseur96020

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    order from revolutioncycles.us.
  6. Tom

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  7. wayde

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    good call Tom

    I've had nothing but good experience from chris hill his motors cost more but well worth it his customer service is great my motor wasn't running right so i sent it back to him and he sent me a new one no questions asked he also offers 90 day warranty on the motor http://www.chrishill.myknet.org/ check it out but it's entirely up to you man
  8. pedalpower

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    above is the MB paradox. my engine from Bryan is running great. I was sold on his ebay ad and that the engine was tested before it was shipped state side-not sure what to believe re: vendors and engines these days. just thinking that if his business practices were on par with his kits, we would be talking differently about Revolution Guy.

    If I were looking for a kit on Ebay (HTs)-I might look for a seller that was in California and Dax of course, mostly because that's were they enter the States.

    I'd also stay away for acorn nutted engines-they just seem cheap. but the most important consideration is the internals I guess, roller bearings etc...

    I'm sure there is a sticky on "what to look for in a HT" or what questions to ask a vendor before you pull the trigger.

    I would love to know how many State Side suppliers there are and who keep the vendors supplied from which we buy.

    edit: are prices coming down on kits or what? cheap price=cheap kit?

    e.g. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-80CC-BICYCL...39:1|66:2|65:12|240:1308&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
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  9. Gungatim

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    I ordered the Powerking 80cc and had good luck. So far the only problem is a broken clutch lever after about 10 miles of riding. They didn't make the lever, it is the same as all the other kits, so I don't blame them (cheap potmetal). I got my kit quickly, and it went together and started up easily. I will be buying another and won't hesitate to buy from them again.
  10. Willy

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    I too have just recently finished a Powerking 80 kit installation.
    Everything went together as expected, a little improvising on the mounts, but thats the nature of the beast and certainly not a reflection on the seller.
    After some careful preliminary checks it fired right up and has been running fantastic ever since.
    I initially had an issue with the sprocket mounting rubbers being of poor quality, but after I sent them a picture of what I had received they sent a new replacement set no questions asked. I can't expect them to inspect every component of every kit they sell, but they do stand behind the products they sell.