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    On this page, Jay Leno checks out some very well finished MBs. I know it goes against our DIY grain a bit, but good work is good work.
    I like to imagine the builder saw some of our creations and was inspired.

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    The bikes are great, but the caption below the main pic is misleading. It states that if you're 16, all you need is a helmet to get on the road. I'm assuming this was taken in California, and we already know what Ca. law says. I guess Jay don't.
    Big Red.
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    Regardless- JAY LENO?!?!? I guess we've gone big time now... seeings as how 'Chinzilla' has endorsed these silly things that makes them a little hard to ignore...
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    He had that silly: "I can't believe how much fun this is" grin that we all know so well.
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    Leno's Grin

    Yeah, funny isnt it. That with all his millions riding a M.B. could put a bigger grin on his face than a lot of other stuff in his garage. If we could just get all the M.B. naysayers on a motorized our problems would be over. They would all be walking around with that same silly grin on their face that we know so well.
    Big Red.:evilgrin:
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    Cool Bikes!

    It looks like they are using the Grubee 4gt 4 stroke engine.

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    That is exactly what they are using, but there are some nice cosmetic things done to the engine.
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    Jay Leno's Garage

    I found this in a collection of what's in Jay's garage. Looks like he's not unfamiliar with motorized bikes. Here's his Whizzer.

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  9. Interesting. I noticed the 4G engines, but I also noticed that the drive chains do not have that cheesy tensioner, which is my main reason for avoiding frame mounted engines. How is that possible? Is it just a simple matter of cutting the chain to the right length, or is there something else involved? I ride motorcycles without chain tensioners, and used to have a couple of Puch mopeds, they didn't have chain tensioners either. And of course single speed and internally geared bicycles also don't have tensioners.
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    Hey suitcase, Almost any bike can be set up to run without a tensioner. It's a simple matter of getting everything PERFECT. You have to get the engine in perfect alighnment with the rear sprocket. you have to get the rear sprocket set up with NO in-out or up-down wobble. Then try to figure out the motor chain VS. peddle chain lenght. On a single speed bike they hardly ever work out the same. Then there is always the issue of frame clearence. On some bikes the only way to clear the frame with the chain is with a tensioner.
    The tensioner solves a lot of problems for me. And if set up right works very well. Motorpsycho has his bikes set up without them,But he's a perfectionist. (Thats a compliment Moto.) Honda and Yamaha don't use them either but they have computers to figure it out for them. I just don't have that kind of patience. And like I said, If set up properly they work just fine.
    With all that said, If you can get your bike set up to run without one it would be one less thing to go wrong. Tensioners, once in a while, Will SNAFU and that involves ripping out spokes and warping wheels. It's a lot of work, but if you can set it up without a tensioner, go for it. It will be fewer problems and make for a cleaner build.
    Big Red.
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    I belive if you observe the way the motor is mounted you will notice it is on a flat platform- there are slotted holes that the engine mount to and these allow adjustment to get the chain tension perfect. Doesn't take much, only the distance between the centers of two rollers. You bolt the engine full to the rear, remove links as much as you can on the chain, then slide the engine forward to cover the slack. Simple enough that a Congressman can figure it out.
    the Old Sgt.:army:
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    Your right Sarge, For a minute I forgot we were talking about the 4G. :dunce:. And that's a lot easier than chain adjustment on a HT.
    Big Red.
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    awesome post. good job. bikes look good and seem to work well too. my only suggestion would be to build your own.
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    yimmie, As far as I can tell, everyone on this thread HAS built their own bike. I know the Sarge has built a few and I've got over 50 builds behind me. Now if you mean a 4 stroke build, I've never done a fresh one, just a few rebuilds. But with California CARB laws in the way I might be doing the 4 stroke builds any day now.
    Big Red.
    PS. You've got some nice bikes by the way.
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