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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Scootmeister, Aug 6, 2014.

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    I have the following Motorized bike parts for sale. No junk, all good serviceable parts. Make offer on multiple items. I have a lot more parts, will post once I get inventoried.

    HT engine with carb and pull start. Very early model when they were made better and ran better (not Russian). Runs strong and in good shape. With lighting coil installed. Needs carb rebuilt.
    $50 plus $20 shipping.
    HuaSheng long block NOS, never used, never had oil in it. $50 plus $20 shipping
    Rag joint, rubber and hardware, new $10, free shipping
    53 cc Homelight 2 stroke, reed valve w/mikuni $60, free shipping
    1.5 liter peanut gas tank with cap, never used $40, free shipping
    Adjustable mount for HS engine $25, free shipping
    2 sets OCC Fork Tubes $65 each set, free shipping
    OCC Rear Fender, black w/red stripes $40, free shipping
    OCC front fender, no brackets, red $20, free shipping
    Giant Stiletto Rear Fender $60, free shipping
    3ea. 160mm, one 180mm disc brake rotors $30, free shipping
    7 new chrome fender braces, never used $50, free shipping
    Heavy duty for Whizzer

    Biturbo Expansion Chamber w/silencer $50, free shipping
    Biturbo Expansion Chamber W/O silencer $45, free shipping
    Rear drum brake hub, 36 spoke w/freewheel $45, free shipping
    Aluminum rear luggage rack $25, free shipping
    Steel rear luggage rack $25, free shipping
    Set of Columbia moped rear shocks $25, free shipping
    Black vinyl Schwinn OCC handlebar Pouch $25, free shipping

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    Homelite and Columbia moped shocks SOLD. Open to reasonable offers.