MB Ride on St. Louis I-64/40 Hwy Sunday ??

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    In St. Louis, our new stretch of highway I-64/40 is opening on Monday am for regular traffic. However, Sunday 12/14/2008 at noon, the highway be open only for pedestrians and bicycles as part of an opening celebration. I've decided to bundle up, and get my motor bike on that new stretch of road. Hopefully, I'll see other fellow MBers out there.
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    that sounds so cool! I'm about 5 hours west of you.....that's like 15 long, hours on my bike. haha.
    I'd love to come out & ride with ya, but I really can't.
    looks like it'll be warm & windy tomorrow.

    have fun & represent us well!!
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    It does sound neat. I'm not so far away but I can't make it either. Too bad.

    This event is likely enough to have news crews. You can probably attract their attention and give a bit of publicity to MBs.

    Have fun.
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    Read #3. Uh Oh. No MBs??? Big sigh, I'm riding anyway. Wish me luck.
    ST LOUIS - The public is invited to join in the celebration of the completion of the west half of the I-64 project this Sunday, December 14. MoDOT and City of Frontenac officials will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the Lindbergh bridge over I-64 at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday. The official west half celebration ribbon cutting will be held at 2:30 p.m. on the eastbound lanes of I-64 near the McCutcheon Road bridge.

    Several organized events are being held on the westbound lanes including a 5K run, a cycling time trial and a fun bike ride. These events required pre-registration and all slots have been filled. ONLY registered participants will be allowed to access the westbound lanes for the run or cycling events.

    If you plan on attending the celebration, dress for the weather and keep in mind the following tips:

    1. The Fun starts at noon on Sunday, December 14 and continues to 3 p.m.

    2. You can get on the Eastbound lanes of the highway, at any entrance ramp or exit ramp between Ballas Road and Brentwood Boulevard.

    3. You can walk, ride a bike or rollerblade on the highway, but no motorized vehicles will be allowed. If you ride a bike and you are in a crowded area, you will need to walk your bike through the crowd.
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    hey...if ya get on the news..... be sure to provide us with a video link.
    (after ya get out of jail) :p
    an episode of cops, would be cool.....be sure & take yer shirt off before they take ya down!!!

    Seriously.....have fun....take some pics....come back later & tell us about it.
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    UPDATE from Sunday. St. Louis, MO 12-14-2008
    Picture shows pedestrian traffic on the new stretch of highway 64/40, before opening to vehicular traffic. It was a windy but warm day at 53"F. Not ideal temperature for a ride, but tolerable.
    I motored up to the hwy entrance but they wouldn't allow motorized vehicles to run on the highway. Many hundreds of people were walking and biking the 5 mile length. It was very quiet, and running the motor would have not only been breaking the rules, but the noise would have intruded on everyone's experience. The bike (with motor) was really too heavy to peddle some of the long hills, so I stayed near the east bound Clayton entrance.

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    thanks for the update...... I bet you'd like to have some of that 53 degree weather back today!! cccold here in kansas ... 8 degrees at 5 am.

    16 degrees right now.
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    way cool!!

    so much better than an episode of COPS too!!
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    Man I dont miss the weather in Stl... nice post though