MB Rider Hit by Car, now in Hospital

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    This really inforces the safety issues of these bikes --always wear a helmet--watch your mirrors--if you can't keep up with traffic pull over--have flashing lights-bright clothing and do not take chances -plan your routes on the least travelled roads.
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    Does the article cover two accidents?

    55 year old and a 37 year old cyclist......

    One crossing six lanes of traffic, and one going the wrong way in the breakdown lane.

    Am I missing something?
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    Yes, it covers two accidents...
    I know that intersection. Its an 80 km/hr road.
    It must have been a really big move he was trying.
    The thing is, there are bike lanes in this area,
    so he didn't need to be on the road.
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    will_start, is that in today's Mercury?
    I'm in the Illawarra, in Nowra. I don't usually read the Mercury, but I'll soon get a copy.
    When I have to cross that many lanes, I use a pedestrian crossing. I ride a lot on the Prince's highway, but don't take any risks. We have bike paths here too.
    Helmets aren't a bad idea, either.

    I thought that you were in Sydney, but you're just up the road.

    ... Steve
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    Yeah it should be in it today, I read the Illawarra Mockery online.
    I thought the Illawarra region stopped at Kiama ? Nowra is a good 40k's from Kiama.

    I work in Sydney live in the Gong...I just say Sydney, as to this International audience its well known...
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    I just had to pull out the map and check the borders. I don't take too much notice of political boundaries. Technically, you're correct, this is the Shoalhaven. The Mercury is still one of our local papers, though and around the area it depends on where you look - some signs say Illawarra and some say Shoalhaven.
    I'm off to grab a copy for my scrap-book.

    ... Steve
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    I almost got hit in shell beach last weekend... the guy was drunk. I saw him pull into the liquor store and stumble out.

    I almost stopped and called the cops... but didn't feel like wasting my time and going through the hassle.

    BE ALERT..... its worth repeating so I will type it again... BE ALERT!!!!

    It could save your life.
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    Wasting your time might save your life, someone elses or maybe the drunks.
    I have no remorse for drunk drivers.
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    sounds to me like the guys on the m.b.'s are the ones who screwed up. Ride like a moron, and you're bound to get hit.
    oh yeah...NEVER think you are wasting your time by calling the cops on a drunk driver! The drunk driver you see now, could be the one who hits one of YOUR family members head on later.
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    Back in November I called 911 to report a "suspected" drunk driver. The guy was all over the road. I was following him and reporting his location to the cops - then he rear ended a person waiting to make a left turn. Then he took off, only to hit a tree several blocks later. (leaving a trail of coolant from his trashed radiator) I got a supina to appear in court with the date TBD. Haven't heard anything yet......

    Scares me to think I could be riding my MB or motorcycle and get taken out by a drunk.
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    That's right and these incidents have another unwanted side-effect as well - two accidents in one area in 3 days, caused by the MB riders, will make the cops stand up and take notice. One step closer to prohibition.

    ... Steve
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    I hate how people make out MBs to be motorbikes. They still closer to a bicycle in my opinion. Lets face it, most fit cyclists on road/race bikes can out pace the majority of MBs out there.

    If I am crossing multiple lanes and its busy I always pull over to the left and aim my bike in the direction I want to cross with my back wheel resting against the curb. That way when there is a big enough break in traffic I can quickly shoot across.
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    André, I guess you're referring to the comment below the article:-

    I almost responded on the Mercury web-page with my own comment, but didn't want to draw even more attention to MBs in this general area.
    With most bikes, you're right, a fit strong cyclist can leave them behind.

    With increased performance and a shift-kit, it's a slightly different story. I honestly feel that ours are 'mopeds'. Here, even a moped is limited to 50kph and needs registration.
    While I can get away with it, though, I will. And I never go too fast.

    ... Steve
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    AsssieSteve, you refer to 2 accidents caused by MB riders. I didn't notice anything indicating that the second accident involved a motor assisted bike. Did I miss something?
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    Hi Alaskavan, I just re-read the article carefully. Well picked up - you didn't miss anything.
    I don't know what made me think that both were MBs, must have been the way the two accidents were stacked together.
    I don't mind being mistaken, one MB accident is better than two.

    I wonder how he's doing?

    ... Steve
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    MB rider hit by car

    I WOULD have called the cops, I've been known to follow drunks home and call police from there. I lost my only child to a drunk driver along with her fiancee, she was 19 and at the top of her class in college. The driver was caught and convicted and the most he could get for it was 5 years on each count of homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle. He tried to flee the state and attempted to ram a State patrol officer and was charged with attempted murder on that one, he got 17 years for that. Seems a bit unfair doesn't it. If someone had called the police on him, perhaps she would still be with me. So please when you see this, do the right thing and call, It just might save someones life, maybe yours or someone you love. She was killed New Year's Eve, 1990 and I still miss her every day.
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    Woody, I'm really sorry to hear this. I can't begin to imagine what you've been through.
    I won't bother saying what I think should have happened to the piece of s...
    It's a good lesson to everyone.

    Not wearing a helmet is one thing, pretty stupid and likely to lead to (the rider's) death and pain in the family and friends, drinking and driving is another, it kills other innocent people and affects many.

    I'm pleased to say that, while I love the odd beer, I NEVER drive or ride intoxicated.
    (That's why I haven't had as many test rides as I'd like with my shift kit - people keep dropping in and 'making' me drink beers with them, then I have to sit on my hands and wait until the rain stops next.)

    So, yeah, call the cops.
    Again, sorry Woody, to hear. I feel for you.

    ... Steve
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    MB rider hit by car

    Thank you Stever for the kind words. Losing a child is beyond description, especially to lose one like this. The young man killed with her was named Mark. Another bright student at Marquette U. His father and I would have torn the killer apart piece by piece if we had gotten a chance. I'm glad to say the idiot is still in prison, he's been denied parole every time and has had his sentence extended by his actions while in prison. Nutcase for sure. My sons and I used to put our share of beer away, especially in football season.This year we hardly had any at all, all of us getting older I guess.
    Only about 6 or 7 more weeks before I can ride again hopefully. And you will be heading into winter in the not so distant future. I have a good friend who lives in Melbourne and he's not looking forward to winter either and at the same time he complains of the heat and drought conditons in OZ. I hope you'll get some time to ride and test out your shift kit before winter. Woody