MB vs Snakezilla

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Scootmeister, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Scootmeister

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    It was a beautiful day so I decided to adjust the Mikuni carb on my MB. I had just installed a new pipe and the bike was running lean. I was flying down the road at WOT to do a plug chop when I realized I was right on top of a large snake crawling across the road. Before I could react I heard a crunch and felt a slight bump. When I looked in the mirror I could see the snake rolling and wiggling like it was trying to tie itself in a knott. I hurried home to get my wife who jumped on her scooter and we rode back to the snake. There in the middle of the road was the largest copperhead I've ever seen. Unfortunately, we didnt have our phones with us, so no photos.

  2. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    Did you try to save the snake?
  3. Scootmeister

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    A couple of cars behind me ran over it. When I went back there were a couple of crows fighting over it, so I'm sure it was bona fide road kill.
  4. Sgt. Howard

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    ... mouth-to-mouth on a copperhead? I'll pass...
  5. mdross1

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    Some glad we live up north,the only critters we fret over are woodchucks because of the gardens.They are controlled once we discover them,usually not before losing a lot of garden to them.Even harmless gardens snakes puts my wife into fits of horror.
  6. Scootmeister

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    Hold on there Mdross. We worry about deer and bears in this kneck of the woods, but you have MOOSE. Don't they weigh like 2000 lbs when fully grown. That's no match for a MB. A close encounter with one of those and we're the road kill..
  7. mdross1

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    Your right in my 51 yrs of riding up here have never seen a moose out on the highway but it does happen.For that matter have never seen a bear,deer we see often.What I was eluding to was we can walk any woods with complete freedom and not have to worry about poisonous snakes,spiders,killer bees,alligators,etc etc and some seriously big woods.
  8. Scootmeister

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    What about all of those Sasqatch reports coming out of Aroostook County. Isn't that where they filmed the "Messin' with Sasqatch" commercials?
  9. mdross1

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    Not sure never pay too much attention to the sasquach thing.Been all over the woods in Maine fishing and hunting never think of anything but whatever we are after.Only ride our bikes close to where we live in So Maine not much for wildlife around here or that we worry about.Certainly no Copperheads!
  10. HeadSmess

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    ive rescued plenty of snakes off of the road. turtles even :) i likes turtles.

    nothing wrong with 12foot pythons :) you know they have two or more rows of teeth?

    i draw the line at red bellies, taipans, browns, tigers, adders, um...anything with fangs basically. i hate fangs.

    dont come to awstraya if ya dont like snakes.

    but rabbits? oh boy, do we gots rabbits!

    canetoads are more fun for the northerners :) pop pop POP!

    i was saddened to hear you ran over a snake without stopping, but yeah...copperhead... dont blame you.

    my worst roadkill was a po' lil water dragon sunning himself. if hed sat still my rear wheel wouldna hit his head :( at least it was quick. po' lil blighter :(
  11. mdross1

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    In the 51 yrs riding motorcycles have run over a dog,and the legs of a small deer who slipped on the pavement trying to change direction as I was in a turn.I suppose if you live in an area with all these poisonous or dangerous creatures you would be used to it.
    We went to a party last night one of the entertaniners was an animal rescuer he brought a lot of animals to show the crowd.The last two were not native to our area.A 3 ft very thick bodied snake (did not hear what it was) and a 6 ft constrictor did hear this snake would grow to be three times longer and much heavier.The wife was almost hyperventilating.
    I too will stop to help turtles across roads we all know there are those that get minky to splatter them all over the road.