MBc can help Ocean Park, please read by May 31st!

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  1. augidog

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    this summer, frosted flakes dot com is rebuilding 30 school playfields around the country. rock on, tony :)

    so happens, Sheldon Field in Ocean Park WA is a finalist! this is the field in the center of our town you've recently heard about...i had been intending to present this to you anyway, but a bit differently...we're outta time...

    if MBc could help OP get the win, i just betcha we'd be remembered when we get big enuff to make use of such a large facility, perhaps 2 or 3 years...as wavy's told ya's it has g-r-r-eat potential, imagine after a makeover, maybe we host a wiffle-ball tourney for the kids...small-engine-powered kiddie rides? the cat's me-OW! i am easily excited, i know.

    whatayasay peeps? can we look past some stuff for a moment and help a good cause?

    candidly, if you find you have a local candidate in the running, please DO vote for them....just VOTE!

    (won't somebody please think of the children?!) "simpson's did it"

    follow this link, click "help rebuild america's playing fields"...use the simple search for WA state, & please cast a vote for sheldon field: http://www.frostedflakes.com/#/plant-a-seed/ ...you'll be asked for an email & an easy to read image verification, it took me about 30 seconds to vote.

    thanking you all in advance :cool2:
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  2. F'n Honda

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    Hi augidog,
    Just voted for Kellogg's money for Sheldon Field. Good Luck. A vote a day is allowed. My little bit you may see in Ocean Park is helping plant the flowers that Oman's Lumber and Wiegardt Studio Gallery like to show outside their businesses. Beautiful community!
  3. augidog

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    thanks 'honda...i did not know we could vote every day.
  4. azbill

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    I voted for the kids :cool2:
  5. F'n Honda

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    Yup, just voted again-the site says it is so-and it accepted another vote.