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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by jeffspeeder, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. jeffspeeder

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  2. JosephGarcia

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    Does it change the engines performance? Plus, where did you buy your headlight? It looks exactly like a cheapie Scwinn one from Target. I cut the plastic triangle pattern off mine. What is powering it? Mine runs off the generator right now and is MUCH brighter than yours.
  3. jeffspeeder

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    the power with the new muffler is amasing i love the way it sounds. kinda like a motorcycle and better airflow it keeps just enough back pressure and just lets enough air out i could tell the stock mufflers are not good it just restricts so much air with the stock the one i have on its perfect i would recogmend it for more power trust me i did a wheelie real easy with this one . and yes that is a chepie schwinn light i got from target mine is powering off of two cell batteries in my box on the back of the bike i had to put better lights to hold the volts of the batteries. i need to get new batteries thats why it is not so bright.
  4. JosephGarcia

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    Where did you get that muffler?
  5. jeffspeeder

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    well my ol friend gave me a free sit down ride moped it had nothing on it except a motor frame and tires and exaust. so i took the exaust off of it cuz it looked like it would fit nicely. i choped off the old muffler and welded the flang for the new muffler on to the old pipe. i had to gring a little bit of my peddal to let it pass the muffler freely. most moped scooters have a muffler like the one i got so look for on i recogmend it 110 percent :grin:
  6. Guest

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    What did you weld it with?
    Joe, keep an eye out on eBay, you can usually find those type of mufflers pretty cheap.

    You can also make one for next to nothing if you have a rivet gun and thin sheet aluminum.
  7. Guest

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    You could also get an improvement in performance if you open up the stock muffler all the way by removing the baffle completely.

    You have to watch your carburation once you open it up, or if you put on and aftermarket can like Jeff's.

    Finally, it's not so much the muffler, it's optimizing the distance from the cylinder port to the can...longer is good for higher RPM and shorter is better for lower RPM. These engines are relatively slow turning.
  8. jeffspeeder

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    joe i did remove my baffle out of my old muffler it did do some improvement but nothing as good as the one i got now plus the old one was loud and annoying if you opend it. the one i have is like a muffler but its straight all the way through so really good airflow. when i put it on my carb was running real rich so i gave it 1 1/2 turns and it runs real nice now. next im going to boost my gas up to 91 or mabey 100 octane and get a different airfilter. ill keep you guys posted and tell you how it gose.

    and joe i welded it with just a gas welder :smile:
  9. vax

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    There's no real difference with this kind of mufflers...for 2-stroke they are _crap_.
    Decent expansion chamber is far better.
  10. Guest

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    Jeff- raising the octane will only be a waste of money, so go ahead and do it.

    Also, for the hundredth time....that magic screw you keep turning to change all manner of things will in reality only change THE FRIGGIN' IDLE SPEED!!!!
  11. Looks great.
    Got any parts of that moped you want to sell :)
  12. Dockspa1

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    Hey Joe, take it easy man. I'm willing to bet that you have nightmares about those Idle adjustment screws going into both sides of your temples.
    Ouch! Hee Hee :shock:
  13. jeffspeeder

    jeffspeeder Guest

    you know what joe i will not argue with you at all if you want me to stop i will about the stupid idle screw. can we all be friends now?
  14. Guest

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    Thank you, Jeff.
    The reason I'm so militant about it is this; The idle screw is NOT for adjusting the mixture, only the idle speed, period. You may find it changes things due to having a higher idle and so maybe the bike seems smoother when running at low speed due to it not boggin down ect. BUT the screw only changes the idle speed via adjusting the position of the slide, nothing else.

    BTW, nice bike.
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    Re: pics of my bike and new muffler

    Nice motorized bicycle. I will be up at the Pavillions (Indian Bend/101/Scottsdale at Mcdonalds) auto show today from around 4pm till 7pm if you would like to join me. See ya.
  16. veryfastbike

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    nice bike jeffspeeder. mine looks just like that same bike model except i did a custom paint job and i did weld a custom exaust to . buy the way i like that bag you got up frount . whare did you get it?
  17. gone_fishin

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    jeff won't be getting back to you anytime soon...

    matter of fact, you're starting to look mighty familiar :x

    ...and he's OUTTA HERE!! :evil: :evil:

    srdavo caught him this time, i just got to do the honors :lol:

    email jeff... jjmustang16@yahoo.com or jstang16@hotmail.com ...and tell him to quit bothering us!
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    how do you know its him?
  19. gone_fishin

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    it's very simple, but if we tell you, we tell him :wink:
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