MBC glass etched mugs comming soon

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  1. machiasmort

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    For those who know me, I'm pretty free w/ my info on the board, although maybe I shouldn't be.

    I lost my job, due to economic downturn or 3rd World upturn, however you choose to look at it? I discovered I had a new talent and in talking with one of the Mods. on the board here reached an agreement and decided to give this a go.

    Many of my friends are sayin I should be doing ink but I'll let you judge.

    I'm thinking about doing a limited run of glasses "beer mugs" for the board.

    They will be very unique as they are done by freehand with a diamond file on a dremel. No two will be exactly alike although it's posible for me to make them close enough to look like a matching set!

    A portion of the proceeds will benefit the board. However wouldn't it be great to raffle on of these at a meet! Posibilities are endless here!

    I'm open to sugestions or ideas like for example MBC Logo and N.W. Chapter and or ralley, ect.

    I'm not making a million of these so my time is of essence but the individuality can get crazy! Check out this beer mug, I did for a friend. The mug cost me $8, (can't use cheap glass) it chips! I thought I was being fair in asking $50 for it. It's double sided and about 30hrs of my work. Please be honest and open, Not goin to insult me 1 bit! She was very happy because not only was it her dog's breed but it was unmistakeably him. I prefer doing ornate custom stuff but can mass produce, cheaper less ornate stuff.

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  2. SimpleSimon

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    Nice work, Marty!

    I would love to have such a mug, and I don't drink beer.

    Also, for picture taking purposes, get a sheet of black construction paper, roll it into a cylinder, and put it in the mug, let it snug up against the inside of the glass. It will make your work (really nice work it is) show more clearly.
  3. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member


    I appreciate the compliment and tip... Beer mugs aren't the only thing I can do, if you have other ideas? When I finally fall into the mood, I'll be making one and you can give me an idea of what you think it would be worth... The shipping is whats rediculess and really stopping me from making alot of money on E-bay! We're boy's tho, so you can fully expect me to represent your interests with that end! I feel endebted to this board anyway. For as much as we argue, I wouldn't have my bike going without your guy's knowledge! LOL!
  4. SimpleSimon

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    Well, lots of people collect plates, and a plate would give you a nice circular flat sheet of glass to work on as well.

    Also, although I can't afford it myself, an etched scene in an oval of plate glass for an entry way door would be a truly unique home accessory for somebody.
  5. arceeguy

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    Nice work Marty!

    If you want to really make some money on eBay with your talents, you should hand etch some Obama commemorative mugs. The Obamites will buy them as fast as you can whittle them out! (I'm serious) Maybe Obama's likeness along with a hammer and sickle? (I kid, I kid.........)
  6. machiasmort

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    I'm wipping tears! Sell them the picture w/him on the front.

    They open it up and it's got a hammer and sickle on the back! LOL Made in the newest "Great Depression" on the bottom!

    Good idea AG!
  7. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Take both sides. The Pro Obama merchandise will sell just as well as the Anti-Obama stuff. It is probably more profitable than selling hot dogs. But selling hot dogs doesn't take any artistic talent. (I am devoid of all artistic talent, so slingin' dogs is what I am going to do......)
  8. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Not a bad idea at all AG! It's really not that hard to do. I just don't like breathing the glass dust, putting water on it askews vision and wearing a mask! Well I won't describe my feelings!

    Quick story behind this. I stumbled upon a Collision shop while looking for a job one day. I decided to go inside. I talked to an older man (older than me) he spoke with an accent and he went to another guy working. I would latter find out it was his Son. They spoke in Italian briefly (to mask the conversation). They seemed impressed with my motivation (at my age) and decided to give me a try. When their talk ended, I exclaimed, hey I'm young, and thats darn right I want to work, I understood what you guy's said! We all started laughing, I used to speak fluently when younger (my Grandparents)! We've been best of friends since. Turns out these Guy's are well known up here in the N.E. for the work they do on exotics, especially Ferrari. My second etching ever was for my buddies Dad and when I seen his envy I made this one for him. As luck would have it, I was set to drop off the glass as a surprise and was delayed when the news crossed the wire "Eight Bells" had to be put down at the track. In line with Italian heritage and horse racing, I knew I had to put something on this glass that I just cleaned up from working on. His glass became nicer than his Dads! That's the least I could do for these guy's after teaching me an art and believe me they've got patients of Saints!

    Please keep in mind that this is an on the rocks glass and the horse is only about 2" tall!!! One picture shows my hand on the left side for refference! Can't read it all in the pic but it says Eight Bells - Race of Her Life. Those were the jockies words before he found out she had to be put down. I'm not for certain but I believe the winning team brought her the boquete of roses to smell before they did it.

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  9. Mountainman

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    nice -- very nice
    would like to see more of your work
    thinking that possibly a custom mug for the little Lady
    she enjoys a good beer frome time to time
    have a good day -- from - MM
  10. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member


    Thanks a million for keeping the thred going! I might post some on the rocks glasses (cheaper)! If I get some time! My living situation is unstable to say the least here. It really sucks to live in this time period.

    Sometimes I feel like I wasn't meant to even be here. Not that I'm any better than the adverage human... Just seems I understand a little something more... Hard to put into words yet be as humble as I surely am! Just sayin, I'm positive there's more to it. Like being lost in the woods with good friends. You know the way and they just won't listen. Do you hang with idots and starve or go back the way you came?