mbc license plate!



well, i didnt want to put this in the pic area, cause thats 4 bikes. but i ordered new stickers. and while i wait for a reply from tom, i found this sticker. i had 1 extra for some reason. so i knew we had some peel n stick tiles in the bottom of the closet somwhere, so i got one and made this! and i poked some holes with the sicissors. and put zip ties through it. and when i get my new stickers im gonna do the same with the other bike. i plan to hang this from the sisy bar on my schwinn and the rack on the murray 10 speed. looks sorta crude, but itll do till i find another good metireal! has anyone else done this?


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That should be done in metal but I like it!
I do have some old license plates..I COULD cut those up.
i was gonna use our old plates but my dad used em for somthin i cant remember what but i remember i told him i wanted em :( the only 1 i got is the plate off his elcamino before we sold it. and that is the truck plates that are pushed out. but, im sure ill find somthin. but my idea was, instead of people chasing me down at lights, ill just put that out back, and then they dont have to annoy me amd make me stop :LOL:
oh, just to let ya know, i am gonna peel the back off, its a perfect rectangle, but the paper makes it look like carp. i plan to stick another tile to the back.