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    MBc EDIT: per iRide's suggestion, i moved some of another post into here. we'd like to see a lot more of this kind of stuff...consumers helping consumers. i'm talking about all styles & drives, too, so don't be shy. if you'd like to put a lil product review together, feel free.

    I got my Dax 70cc kit today for the new bike...WOOOO HOOOO!!! First impression was mixed. Some good things in the kit and some not so good things.

    My first Grubee 48cc round head kit came from Motorbikemike (Simpsonmotorbikes.com) and I was pleased with it.

    Mike's kit came without a fuel line or a fuel filter...Dax's kit came with them.

    Mike's kit came with the beefy motor mounts...Dax's kit has the wimpy stamped steel ones.

    Mike's kit came with extra, long mounting studs and mounting blocks...Dax's kit had 1 extra mounting block and no extra, long studs.

    Mike's kit comes with the nice plastic throttle with the built in kill switch...Dax's come with an aluminum throttle (which has a throttle body sized for a 7 year old's hand) and the seperate cheesy kill switch.

    Dax's kit comes with a better engineered air cleaner...Mike's has an older style that just happened to break on me 2 days ago (going to have to do the Augie beer can treatment)

    Dax's kit comes with the heavy duty chain...Mike's does not (could be because Mike's was a 48cc)

    Dax's kit came with a matching grip for the non-throttle side...Mike's had no matching grip.

    Other than those thing, the kits had pretty much identical items, i.e., chainguide, chainguard, tank, petcock, tool kit, instruction manual, etc.

    I am very excited to try out the new roller bearing kit from Dax and I hope it treats me to miles of "bug it teeth" grins! More to come as the project takes form.

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    nice post Dan !
    thanks :D
    keep us informed on any other differences you notice :cool:
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    I agree with Dan on the throttles. My first kit came from an eBay vendor called "boygofast" and it came with the plastic throttle and integrated kill switch. A very nice throttle which also has the 90 degree tube where the cable attaches. I just got a Dax kit the other day and was a little disappointed with the throttle. My hand barely fits on it and the cable comes straight out of it. Most everything in the Dax kit is top notch though.

    Oh yeah, another difference I noted was in the mufflers. The muffler in my first kit is very nice and has very heavy and nicely polished chrome plating. The Dax muffler is crudely made, hardly polished at all, and has grind marks all over it.

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    I forgot to mention the muffler. I too got a very cheaply made (in comparison) muffler from Dax.
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    As I am building the bike for my new Dax 70cc I decided to take a break and look at the installation manual I got in my Dax kit. After a breif "thumb through" I see tht it is VERY limited on installation instructions.

    The installation manual I got with my Grubee 48cc round head purchased from Simpsonmotorbikes.com was VERY informative and thorough.

    For the first time buyer or not so mechanically inclined, this could be an issue.

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    hi dan, this info/post is much appreciated, consumers helping consumers rocks!

    ...i'd suggest that a true comparison from a consumer should also include total costs involved?
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    Good point Augie! Let me see...if I remember right, the Grubee from Mike @ Simsonmotorbikes.com was $300.00 with shipping. I had to buy the fuel filter and fuel line for another $12.00 I think. Total for that kit $312.00. So far I am very pleased with the 48cc's performance. I have been able to get it to 34mph on a perfect day and 32mph is about the norm. I did change the rear sprocket to a 36t for the top speed. In a flat out drag race I would get smoked off the line but she cruises like a dream.

    The Dax kit was $225 with shipping and so far it looks as if I would have had to buy nothing extra to get it running.

    I haven't fired up the Dax yet simply because I am building the bike around the engine and it's not done yet. Too bad my warranty will expire before I get a chance to see if there is a problem it.

    I will post about it's performance as soon as it's running. BTW, got the wheels and seat for it today...WOO HOO!!!

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    Well carp! I am to the point where I was installing the last few things on the new iRide for a test ride and when I was installing the petcock in the tank, it just spun right off and left the threaded part in the tank. That brought the whole project to a screeching halt. I know I didn't over tighten it because the little red seal washer was still loose.

    I guess I will have to look around for someone who has an extra one laying around or buy a better quality petcock. It will take forever to get one from Dax because, from what I've heard, he only ships on Fridays.

    No problems with the petcock on the Grubee BTW.

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    any damage to the tank?

    if not, PM me your address.
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    dude....go down to your local NAPA, or whatever.....take your broken petcock.....build your own...:)

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    Well, I got it MacGuyver-ed back together. I easy outed the broken threads and Richard brought over a thread in nipple fitting and I am temporarily using a paper clamp thing to stop the gas flow when it's not in use.

    BTW, I got it rideable a while ago and put a fire in it. It took about 3 feet and she fired right off. Did a few more adjustments to it and took her for a spin around the block. The rubber mount bushing failed miserably...they would mech better as tank mounts. I removed what was left of them and solid mounted it to the frame.

    So far the Dax engine is running great. It makes A LOT more noise than the Grubee...not exhaust noise but engine rattly noise. Hopefully that will go away when it breaks in a little. As of now I can't say one is better than the other as far as performance and reliabilty is concerned.

    Time to celebrate with some cold, foamy adult beverages.

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    Thanks for the review Dan, it was very informative....Kelly