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hey gang ive been upgradeing the jc higgins slowly but shurely, so i can motorize! first step of course was good wheels ect! i shoped like crazy for moderate priced heavy duty wheels till my eyeballs fell out, so on the advise of ratrodder i checked out- http://www.huskybicycles.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT&Store_Code=hb & bought a set , first i orderd the sturmey archer front drum but they were out of stock so got the plain jane to match rear.32$ for front & 40$ for rear. for the price they cant be beat! very heavy duty spokes, nice & true & good brakes. crank berring set 6$ sprocket 7$ shipping 15. oh yes & the 59 cadilac tail light - priceless at jc whitney!!


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i agree...and she's even more stunning in person :)

i say "she" but wavy hasn't named her/him/it yet.

and the wheels are a good deal, very nice...the rear coaster is the shimano cb-e110.


250 miles & i just pulled the wheels off for inspection! & im glad to report they are doin just fine, repacked them but they didnt need it, best buy so far for the money!


I just ordered wheels from Husky.

I got the front 2.125 x 26 chrome with 12ga spokes and the Sturmey-Archer drum brake.

The rear is 2.125 x 26 chrome with a Shimano coaster brake with 11ga spokes.

I will post a review when I get them.

One thing I can say is that their product descriptions could be a bit better. I blame that on, I am blatantly assuming, non-bike guys running the website.

For instance, the front wheel clearly states that it uses 12 ga spokes- fine.


However, as to the rear, you have to decode to find out it uses 11ga spokes- which to me is a selling point. The description states:

"120-g spokes (HD-120, T-370/470)"- clearly, there is no "120ga" spokes. It would be easy to thing it was a typo for "12ga". However, this is the wheel for their HD-120 model bicycle (model names seem to track with spoke size in some instances).


I looked up the bicycle model HD-120 and discovered that it is sold with 11ga spokes- it turns out the "120-g" in the description refers to the nominal .120" spoke thickness which equates with 11ga.


Occassionally, you will see 12ga spokes listed as "105 ga" or .105"- again, the nominal thickness in inches. All they really need to do in these descriptions to make it clear is to use both the gauge and the nominal thickness in inches like: "11ga, .120" thick spokes" or "12ga, .105" thick spokes". How hard is that? However, Husky is hardly the only company with this issue. I see this same confusion on numerous websites....almost every one I have looked at wheels on.

Oh well, I expect good quality, and if I can get an 11ga rear for $42.00 and a S-A front with 12ga for $79- no more complaints from me.


Alright- I ran into the same issue as Wavy- no having the S-A front wheel- no apparent plans to get it- i got the front to match the rear with the straight axle....will probably keep using 2 rear brakes (coaster and caliper) and no from brake....for now.