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MBc members...how and where to post?



tom started MBc because there wasn't a single comprehensive source of motoredbiking information anywhere.

i jumped in to help because MBc helped me & i have forum admin experience.

between the two of us, we've created a monster...a monster who'd eat us alive if it wasn't for our dedicated volunteers, thank you very much :D

growth has been astounding, due to our obsessive level of cleanliness and organization, but...we weren't ready: this wasn't some big plan, it just happened and we're swamped. we didn't have any volunteers for months, and it should be apparent we're still short-handed (for those who've volunteered, i have the messages and will be handling it soon)

so, now we're hustling to catch up and we're dancing as fast as we can.

we desperately need your help to keep things organized while we try to re-structure for future growth.

"introduce yourself" topics should be considered "personal" topics and respected as such.

"general discussion" is for anything motoredbike related...if you want to regularly gab about your new build or experiences, please consider using one single thread to do it, just add your new stuff to the end. "Project" topics belong in here, they may be moved later to a seperate forum if enough people are using them. if someone declares their topic a "project" thread, please respect it as a personal thread.

"technical & mechanical help" should be used like any help section anywhere: ask a question, get an answer. try to keep answers technically correct and on-target. post links to previous similar topics by way of an answer. discussion within reason is expected, but debate isn't a good thing to throw at someone who's trying to get back in the wind.

"wild in the streets" is for the crazy-talk, the "what if"'s and such, almost anything goes, but off-topic content, again, can be detrimental to progress. use crosslinking or new topics for side-discussions.

"engines, motors, bicycles, etc" is for discussing physical components, not procedure..."will this part work?" or "this part works" even "don't use this part" or whatever, but it isn't for tweak-talk or general gabbing.

"traveling by motoredbike" is about travel journals and info relevant to long-distance survival.

"let's ride" is about 2 or more members getting together for an event at whatever level.

"off topic" isn't used nearly enough.

so, when you're getting ready to post, take a moment to consider where the topic belongs. if you see something going off-topic, don't participate and make matters worse. if you see something where you don't think it belongs, don't post, just let any volunteer know thru PM what's up.

from now on, use this help forum for discussion of board operations. before you "go there" ask us here first, we'll surely appreciate it & will be most happy to help.

it's still our cozy little "garage" but we're running out of elbow room, & the empty bottles and cigarette butts are piling up. "be excellent to each other" is the best guidance i can offer right now.

thanks, everyone...it may not always be apparent, but all of us on the MBc staff are glad you're here 8)