Crashes MBer dies in Palm Coast, FL

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    No sympathy here,
    How old do you have to be before you learn how to ride a bike (or MB) on the road; or cross a street? After sunset--lights? 11PM+? Why on earth are you out on a bike or MB at that hour.
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    MB'r Dies

    God have mercy on his soul.
    Survival is my highest priority when I ride. I try to go by the rules both leagal and common sense. Even then I sometimes get supprised once in a while. This is a fun hobby but it does pose some risk.
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    He could have been coming back from work, for all we know. From what is said if nobody is lying as does happen when the other party is dead than he was at fault. I have worked a 10 hour shift from 4pm until 3am and rode a bicycle home. I always used lights and rode within the law. Florida has the distinction of having the absolute highest death rate for people on two wheels and people walking over all other states and most countries.
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    Yes have compassion it could be you - safety first -on every ride i say a prayer to God asking him to keep me safe-but it still could happen. May God be with his soul and his family-- 61 is youll find out one day
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    Condolences to the family.

    I posted a copy of the story that is linked. Nuttsy, to me the story is to vague for any of the accusations you say.
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    How about he was coming home from work. Nearly 40% of folks in the US works between 5pm and 9am. I rarely work days. I get off work between 11-12pm. If I have to ride to work on my E-bike, I'll be out on a road that has no sholulder. I'm not worried so much about being struck from behind as I am of folks pulling out in front me.
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    Riding north in the southbound lane? That's a foolish thing to do whether your bike has a motor on it or not. Bikes are vehicles, and cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as car drivers.

    Drive on the right! Slow vehicles keep right! This is not difficult to understand.
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    It's a tragedy however it sorts out. The poor fellow died and I'm sure his family is devastated as well as the driver of the other car and her family too, my sympathies go out to all.

    For MBers in general, since this is the "Safety First" forum, the report states:

    It states the car was traveling north and then states the MBer crossed into the northbound and struck the vehicle.

    They were both traveling north but the MBer doing so in the southbound lane and crossed over in front of the car?

    What I always used to tell my kids was: when on a bike no matter who is in the right, it's the biker who can end up dead wrong.
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    MBer dies in Palm Coast FL Update

    Driving home from work.
    (Rumors - comments have it he was drunk)

    Here is another link I found:

    PSA - Please dont drink and MB/drive.

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    What accusations? I asked questions. Questions that are now starting to be answered.

    Unlike some commenting here, I've been on various parts of A1A throughout the state and would not be on a bike on that road after dark. No matter how lit up I was! Oooh, did I say lit up? And for those that do travel on such roads after dark, ya may want to re-evaluate the situation.

    My feelings still stand. A bonehead here and another one there are going to get us regulated right out of our beloved hobby.

    Stay safe, and use your heads when you're out there.
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    If you frequent this board than you are more than likely an enthusiest, rider, etc. It's a unique and place for us all to come together. Regardless of who's fault it was and all the yada-yada - This man, obviously shared something in common with us all. Hope they find his kin and god rest his soul