Crashes MBer dies in Tucson

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  1. "TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - A man lost control of his bicycle and hit a vehicle, while riding downtown, Tucson Police Department spokesperson Sergeant Diana Lopez said.

    Dennis M. McKinney, 47, was riding a motorized bicycle westbound on Congress Street approaching 4th Avenue, while a vehicle was traveling in the middle lane also going westbound on Congress Street next to McKinney. The bicyclist lost control and hit the vehicle.

    TPD pronounced McKinney dead at the scene.

    The accident is still under investigation."

    Earlier reports said he was not wearing a helmet.


  2. fm2200

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    I feel for his family and friends, I hope he did not suffer. May we all say a prayer for him and his family for their loss.
  3. machiasmort

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    I'm right with ya FM... Very sad.
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    Rest In peace.May the angels comfort you.
  6. The must important thing to take away from this, IMHO is to watch out for yourself. Don't let your guard down for a second in traffic. And please wear a helmet.
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    What a shame.
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    R.I.P. :(
    I hope that people learn from this
    helmets are as important as brakes !!!
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    You can't let your gard down period. Have to try and stay where they can't hit you. Ridding in Buffalo this weekend a lady got right on my rear tire arround a festival grounds. She began laying on the horn, although I was doing 20mph and tight too the parked cars. IMHO, 20 was too fast, there were people in the street everywhere. The horn only served to distract me further, while keeping an eye for door flippers!

    Case at point, she finally flew past me, only to stop at the light 300yds ahead. Her boyfriend began yelling something to the effect, your not allowed to have a motor on a bike.

    This seems to be some kind of common misnomer up here. That you are allowed to endanger the life of somebody w/ a motor on their bike. This was the second altercation of this nature for me. Wonder what story our deceased Brother would have to tell if he was still alive?

    I wonder if the tough guy in the car would have still run his mouth, had he known I was licensed to carry a pistol up here? That does it. I made my mind up. Air horn instalation thread comming soon. US CoastGuard approved for a 40ft vessel!
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    My heart & prayers go out to his family now & forever. I hope he didn't suffer any. Tucson is such a great town, I was born & raised there. (Although I currently reside in the southeast, now.) The air horn idea is a very good one, Mach. My brakes work great but I never would've thought about a good, loud horn. Rest in peace, friend.
  11. unior

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    not good :ack2:

    RIP motorbiker
  12. Sad. Wear the helmet, no matter how stupid they look.
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    When ever I get a in a situation like that of having someone driving very close to me while riding an mb, I will get out of the way completely. The odds of you teaching them the rules of the road are slim to none. The problem with getting confrontational is that unless your a off duty cop you'll probably end up less instead of more. I have a very bad attitude when driving my car and someone does something stupid causing me to swerve and brake hard in order to avoid hitting them. I drove a New City bus for over 30 years and I can almost guess what the car in front of me is going to do, almost. But when they do it I reward them with a loud horn and not much else.
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    My opinion In a nutshell.Many people either are to unhealthy concerning their sight or mentality or just on drugs and should be Imprisoned for endangering someone's life on a motorcycle,moped,m.b.,etc.etc.Last person who rode my rim I ran off the road so they could pass.When they hit a red light.I pulled up beside them and asked them what their problem was.They told me to F off they had a party to get to.Bout then I just parked the bike and walked up to their windshield and they got all scared and ran a red light.I am sick of losing friends and being endangered cuz some Jerk wants to speed on a highway and does not care for anyone's safety.Not even his own.These people on the road need to either have their licenses revoked or put In the slammer for attempted murder.Now with that being said.There are some people riding 2 wheels who also cut In front of vehicles.And they deserve the same punishment also as I said for reckless drivers.I am sick and tired of people getting by with murder or causing permanent damage with no reprisal of their actions while the one who got hurt or killed gets no help or respect.
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    What a way to go ... On a fricken bike ....
    That sucks.... Everyone out there get that helmet out .. No excuses ....
  16. RedBaronX

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    First and foremost, RIP to the rider who was killed. I don't know how strict he was with road rules, but it's always very possible that he was the most cautious and courteous... and still got the raw deal.

    I've been actively noticing more the cyclists (standard pedal) who cut through intersections, blow red lights, and otherwise break and ignore traffic rules... I'm just getting into MBing, but when I was a very active pedal biker, I was very strict with myself regarding the rules of the road (though I never wore a helmet back in those younger and foolish days). Bad riders give everyone a bad name.

    Follow the rules of the road.

    Assume the cars can't see you.

    Wear a helmet.
  17. machiasmort

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    You'd swear by the way they enforce DMV in NY, that they look at it as a "driver's license to KILL". It's absurd! Ask a cop about why they enforce the laws the way they do up here, you'll be told, "We don't see the tailgaters and other hazardous violations". "They see the markings on our cars from to far away"!

    This is a blatant line of B.S. that translates to: It’s easier for me to catch speeders in order to hit my quota so I have ****-off time…

    It’s obvious that there’s a problem out there and something needs to be done. 14 MB’rs in WNY have died this year, the overwhelming majority due to MB/car accidents. One of them a Metro-Bus pulled in front of, blocking his lane of traffic. Instead of ****** the bus driver, they blamed the Mb’r for speeding! The Mb’r had right of way!

    I can only wonder what really happened in this case? Is our Brother only being made to look wrong for having a motor on his bike? Why investigate? I could go sit in the dark alley after I hit my DUI quota…

    If what the Cops are saying is true (they are too easy to spot), It’s plain to see that we need more un-marked patrols and get rid of the real problems on the roads! Enough of the selective enforcement, driving is not a license to KILL!

    14 MB'rs got a ride to the cemetery while the car drivers got to go home and play with their kids. 14 car drivers got an oppertunity to pay hefty fines and drive again, 14 family's got to go to a funeral. My only ratioal to this, is that lawmakers havn't found a way to make money off of it yet? They seem to stick their nose in everything else just fine.
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    Notice I’m not saying DUI is not a problem, what I am saying is that there are bigger problems out there, they just don’t pay to enforce!

    The notion of seatbelt and cell-phone blitz’s, are a giant sham.
  19. plinko

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    I almost got hit by a lady driving in a suv on a cellphone and despite seeing me.decided to ride my rear tire 3 Inches away. Instead of pass me and honk her horn the whole time.And I was far to the left as possible and giving a pass signal the whole time.This Is why I decided on a motorcycle.Least I can hit 60 to 80 and maybe pull away from a person.
  20. RdKryton

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    First off my condolences to the family.
    Now up on to the soapbox.
    I have over 2,000,000 logged miles as a truck driver. I have seen so much mayhem on the highways that I am at the point of trying to change professions. I see all the time about the selective traffic law enforcement. There is an interesting phenomena happening around here. I'm am wondering when they changed the traffic laws about signs. It appears that around here stopping for stop signs optional. Oh and don't get me started about the right turn on red law. In PA it is right turn on red AFTER stop. I have been in many bad situations because people don't want to stop for my truck or my bike. Don't ever put me in charge of traffic law enforcement because I would be setting up the roadside execution stations immediately. I also believe if you get stopped and don't know why, the cop should be able to ***** slap you until you figure out what you did wrong. As you can tell this hit a nerve with me. Combined with the fact I am still in a lot of pain from my knee replacement and I don't feel well on top of that. I'm done...
    Off soap box.